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All Roads Lead to Rom- Uh, Oberlin

February 24, 2009

Jesse Hernandez

So it's about that time of year again. That time when the ice thaws out, birds begin chirping their sweet lil' song, and I begin to not have dreams about stacks of applications smothering me in my sleep. That's right, the review portion of the application process is just about over, and for those of you who will soon be receiving admission letters, get ready for:

All Roads Lead to Oberlin!

All Roads, as we so lovingly call it around the office, is our yearly program for admitted students. So, if you have been wondering, the answer is no: we do not just send admit letters to you and then hide in our offices forcing you to fend for yourselves. On the contrary, we have planned days of activities for you and your families so that you can visit campus and get a better feel of what's available to you as a future Obie.

While we are happy to accommodate your visits anytime during the month of April, we have planned special events/activities on a few "Highlight Days" that may prove to be of more interest to you if your schedule allows. During these special days in April, admitted students and their families can:

•Sit in on a number of panel discussions by various current students, faculty, and staff. Topics cover everything from student life, the arts, sciences, and more.
•Attend a luncheon with current students, faculty, and staff, while meeting other accepted prospective students.
•Stay overnight in a dorm with one of our student hosts.
•Visit classes.
•Attend various departmental and program open houses.
•Spend the evening enjoying some of the many arts and cultural events taking place on campus.
•Meet me!

Just reading over all those options makes me excited that I will be here for those days! (Especially cause I get to meet me!) However, one of the best parts of All Roads is being able to hang out and get to know some of the other prospective students. It's kind of like getting a jump on meeting your fellow classmates before officially coming to campus as a student.

So now that I got you all excited about the program, what's next? Well, when you receive your admit letters you will also receive a little pamphlet specifically about All Roads. Keep an eye out for it, because while it's not that hard to spot, we've had some incidents in years past where students never actually opened the pamphlet, and later were completely confused as to how to register etc. There are lots of helpful details in the pamphlet, but there is also a website listed where you can go to get more information as well as register for the Highlight Days.

So, to those of you who will soon receive admit letters, congratulations! I hope to see you on campus soon. If you have questions about All Roads, post a comment for me!

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