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Admissions Finds a Way

December 19, 2008

Jesse Hernandez

As hard as it can be, believe it or not I do manage to pry myself away from admissions work from time to time and do other things in life. Be it watch a movie, read a book, exercise, or have tea with President Elect Obama, there's a good chunk of my life that's not admissions related, and thus helps keep my sanity. Most recently, for example, I--sorry, what? You don't think I have tea with Obama? Ok fine, but I do drink tea, sometimes while watching him on TV, so there. Anyways, most recently I spent some time in the recording studio with my band to finish our album.

I'll go ahead and get the cheap plug out of the way (but trust me, there's more to this blog than that): My band, Vitium (myspace.com/vitiumband) has been together for about two years now. About a year ago we recorded five songs and finally got together some cash to head back to the studio and record six more to complete our album. I'm excited to hear the final product, because we are working with a great producer. So, even if you think the songs are terrible, at least the quality is going to be top-notch! For example, the last time we recorded, a week after we finished Dave Matthews came through town and went to this studio to record some stuff.

I guess it's the musician in me, but I have always loved recording. I was seventeen when I played on my first album in a recording studio in Dayton, OH. There I was, this little cellist about to record some parts I had written (well, improvised/written, never been much for writing stuff down), and instead of being nervous I thought it was the coolest thing ever. The recording rooms are cool, the equipment is cool, the sound you get is cool, the people are cool, everything is just cool. I usually end up spending 8-13 hours there when I go, and though it can be a bit taxing, it's always fun to just hang out and listen as everything comes together (especially if the studio is designed to be aesthetically pleasing). I was at the studio till 4:30 am the other day recording and hanging out, and it was completely worth the time.

During these marathon studio sessions, with everything being so cool and all, my mind is completely absorbed in music. Well, almost completely. During one of our breaks, a technicians asked the ol' question of, "so do you guys do this full time, or..." This of course led to all of us saying what we do for a living. When I said that I was a college admissions counselor, he sounded a bit intrigued, and next thing I knew I had launched into a long discussion about my job, admissions trends, comparing colleges, and all the usual stuff. It was a good conversation, and it's always interesting to hear someone else's take on applying to college. But I realized that once again college admissions had followed me home, and not in the usual context of having to get work done at home, but in the context of people wanting to know more about what I do. It's one of those fields that most people will have to work with at some point in their life, and so no matter where I go I'm bound to get into a conversation about my work.

Even in the midst of a 12-hour recording session, with music on everyone's mind, college admissions managed to work its way in. Which reminds me of how important it is to so many people, which in turn reminds me of why I like to work in the field.

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Woah, so did you guys record at Ante Up Audio? That's where the band I play in here recorded our cd, and our violinist Garrett works as an engineer there. That place is incredible, it's like a big toy store for musicians. Which producer are you working with? When do you think your songs will be done + ready for release? Excited to hear it...

Posted by: Will on December 19, 2008 10:18 AM

Yep, we did go to Ante Up, did you guys work with Michael Seifert? He's producing us. I just noticed that your profile pic for the blogs is you setting up there. Not sure if I met Garrett, there are a lot of people running around there and I'm terrible with names. Michael is mixing the stuff now, and should be done in a week, then we have to get it mastered. Hopefully we'll have done mid January. I'm looking forward to it, we have more jazzy sound than our first five songs. Does your band have stuff up somewhere to hear?

Posted by: Jesse on December 19, 2008 10:26 AM

That's awesome, we did work with Seifert though technically we/garrett produced the album--Michael was more of our mentor (and deus ex machina when things got hairy). We're at the same stage as you, it seems: Garrett is putting his TIMARA training to good use and will be mixing over christmas break (and I'll be there with him this weekend); hopefully have the mastering done during the first week of january and then we'll put some up on the web. Suffice to say that I will continue to use this website as a vehicle for my shameless plugs, so as soon as they're up I'll probably mention it...

You guys should play at the 'sco sometime!

Posted by: Will on December 19, 2008 12:18 PM

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