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Celina Kobetitsch ’18

Woodridge, IL
Major: Piano

Piano, organ, the outdoors, psychology, outreach, writing, napping

Hi, my name is Celina (Suh-lee-nuh Koh-buh-titch). I'm a piano major/organ minor in the conservatory. I love trying new things, to the point where it's unhealthy and I've completely overbooked myself. I am working on that. I tend to drop things, forget things, and trip over things. It's okay. We're all human, right? I like the outdoors, writing, and just enjoying life as it is. That's it. The rest is in my blogs :)

Entries from this blogger

May 26, 2018
I've often heard people say that Oberlin doesn't prepare you for "real life," but perhaps that is because this school prepares you to change this real life.
January 31, 2016
My on-campus intensive practice winter term project was just what I needed as a music performance major. It was nice to have so much time to devote solely to piano practice; other music schools and conservatories don't have this opportunity.

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