The Environmental Studies Program Committee (ESPC) is the governing body for the program. Its membership is comprised of faculty and staff from a range of departments who oversee and lead the program’s activities.

The 2019–20 Committee

ESPC faculty members serve as advisors to Environmental Studies majors and can sponsor interested students who wish to pursue private readings and research projects for academic credit or pursue senior honors research.

2019–20 Committee Members

The 2018-19 ESPC Student Reps

Environmental Studies majors also have representation on the ESPC. Each year, 2-3 students are elected to serve on the committee as student representatives. ES student reps serve as community organizers, fostering community among the ES program majors and faculty through formal events and casual get togethers. They also attend the weekly ESPC meetings, act as a resource and advocate for ES majors, minors, and prospective students, facilitate discussions between students and faculty, and manage student rep elections. 

  • Madeleine Gefke, environmental studies and biology
  • Olivia Vasquez, environmental studies and computer science