Christie Parris

  • Associate Professor of Sociology

Areas of Study


  • BA, University of Tennessee Chattanooga, 2003
  • MA, Emory University, 2009
  • PhD, Emory University, 2014


My research agenda concerns social inequalities and how people make sense of them individually and respond to them collectively. At the individual level, I am interested in how people perceive and react to various aspects of environmental injustices, especially among communities that experience disproportionately high levels of injustices. At the collective level, I am interested in social movement tactics, outcomes, and political framing. My research agenda is thus deeply rooted in notions of environmental and social justice, and connected to my upbringing in Central Appalachia.

My work has appeared in journals such as Social CurrentsSociological PerspectivesResearch in Social Movements, Conflict, and ChangeSocial Justice Researchand International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education.

  • SOCI 110: Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI 284: Environmental Sociology
  • SOCI 288: American Inequalities
  • SOCI 301/2: Social Research Methods Course/Lab
  • SOCI 438: Coal, Communities, and Culture

Spring 2024

Introduction to Sociology: Social Structure, Inequality, and Behavior — SOCI 110
Environmental Sociology — SOCI 284

Fall 2024

Social Research Methods — SOCI 301
Social Research Methods Lab — SOCI 302


Christie Parris publishes

August 25, 2020

Assistant Professor of Sociology Christie Parris published a paper in Social Currents examining perceptions of environmental justice.

Christie Parris Gives Invited Talk

March 6, 2020

Assistant Professor of Sociology Christie Parris gave an invited talk on February 27, 2020, at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Preconference on Sustainability. The talk outlined her ongoing research regarding environmental concerns among U.S. residents who identify as Black and/or African American.

Christie Parris Publishes in Law & Policy

December 16, 2019

Assistant Professor of Sociology Christie Parris published the article "State‐Level Determinants of Hate Crime Reporting: Examining the Impact of Structural and Social Movement Influences" in the journal Law & Policy.

Christie Parris Publishes Article

August 15, 2019

Assistant Professor of Sociology Christie Parris and co-authors published in the Washington Post regarding their forthcoming academic article investigating hate crimes.