Alumni Association

Projects and Accomplishments

OLA is currently engaged in a wide range of on-campus projects:

  • Creating workshops, panels, and discussions on HIV/AIDS awareness and safer-sex education among the student body.
  • Building a database based on our “out list” that will enable students to easily contact willing LGBT alumni for purposes associated with Winter Term projects, summer housing, employment opportunities, etc.
  • Raising a $30,000 LGBT educational endowment to support student research.
  • Organizing conference/reunions for LGBT alumni on the Oberlin campus.

Ongoing Projects

  • Cemelli Grant and Robertson Prize awarded for LGBT-related student projects
  • Bi-annual newsletter
  • Lavender Graduation symposium and reception for graduating seniors and their parents and friends, and alumni.
  • OLA Advisory Member Bobbi Keppel (’55) created a beautiful quilt panel to commemorate members of the Oberlin College community, including alumni, faculty, staff and students, who have lost friends, lovers, and family members to AIDS. This quilt is prominently displayed in the main library (Mudd Center, A-Level). If you would like to add anyone’s name to this quilt, contact Midge Brittingham in the alumni office.
  • Regularly meet with President Nancy Dye to discuss the current needs and issues of LGBT students, faculty, and staff.

  • Organizes a bi-annual on-campus reunion for LGBT alumni.
  • Planned a full-day training session with the staff of the college’s Counseling Center in an effort to foster greater sensitivity towards LGBT students’ issues.
  • Lobbied for the preservation and expansion of the Multicultural Resource Center’s LGBT intern position when that division faced severe budget cuts and structural reorganizations.
  • Mediated between the Admissions Office and LGBT students in a conflict regarding sidewalk chalkings.
  • Effectively encouraged the Admissions Office to view the strong LGBT presence at Oberlin as a strength and not a liability when it comes to attracting prospective students.
  • Advised student groups with regard to chartering and other organizational issues.
  • Supported the faculty and staff in their efforts towards achieving domestic partnership rights.
  • Worked with alumni and the staff of Mudd Center main library to build the college’s collection of LGBT-related titles.
  • Successfully lobbied for a visible LGBT student presence in the Admissions Office’s Viewbook for prospective students.
  • Examined the availability of financial aid resources for students whose parents have financially cut them off as a result of their coming out. OLA subsequently received a generous donation from one of our alumni members for this purpose.