Alumni Association

Alumni Affiliate/Chartered Groups

Alumni who are bound together by common characteristics, interests, and concerns may wish to form groups at their own initiative for purposes that are consistent with those of the Association. 

In order to be chartered by the Association, a group must apply to the Alumni Leadership Council for review of the group’s name, charter, purposes, plans, and operation. Upon concluding that the group is consistent with the Bylaws, policies, and procedures of the Association, and that the group does not contravene the purposes of the Association, the Council may recognize the self-defined group as an official chartered group of the Association. Chartered groups are recognized by Oberlin College and receive the support of the Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni Engagement. 

Active affiliate/chartered groups include:

Oberlin Alumni Association of African Ancestry (OA4)
The Network of Oberlin Asian Alumni (NOAA)
John W. Heisman Club
Oberlin Latino/a Alumni Association (OLAA)
Oberlin College OSCAlums
Oberlin Club of Metropolitan New York
Oberlin Club of San Francisco Bay Area
Oberlin Club of Washington, DC

Each affiliate/chartered group selects its own chair, cochairs, and steering committee members. The Alumni Leadership Council solicits applications from official alumni groups annually for the opportunity to assume a seat on the Council. 

For information about forming a new affiliate/chartered alumni group, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at