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Oberlin Lambda Alumni

The Oberlin Lambda Alumni (OLA) was approved in fall 1989 as the Alumni Association’s first self-defined group. It serves to facilitate the relationship between the college and its lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender alumni.

In addition, OLA seeks to increase the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons and concerns in the life of the college. OLA coordinates an alumni reception during Commencement/Reunion Weekend, and sends an annual newsletter to alumni.

Seeking Volunteers to Lead Oberlin Lambda Alumni (OLA) Initiatives!

Oberlin Lambda Alumni (OLA) leaders are sought to recruit a steering committee of volunteers to help with programming and communication efforts on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender alumni and students at Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music. If you are interested in possibly serving as a chair or cochair of Oberlin Lambda Alumni, contact Danielle Young , executive director of the Oberlin Alumni Association.


The Oberlin Lambda Alumni was chartered in 1989 as the Oberlin Gay and Lesbian Alumni (OGLA) after a long process of lobbying the Executive Board of the Oberlin Alumni Association for inclusion and recognition. On May 20, 1990, the group's Steering Committee adopted the name Oberlin Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Alumni (OLGBA) under which it operated until early 1997. The name Oberlin Lambda Alumni was adopted to recognize emerging movements/identities and to be explicitly inclusive of members who are transsexual, transgender, opposed to labeling themselves, or heterosexual while supportive of sexual minority/LGBT people and issues.

Oberlin College LGBT Community History Project:
The Oberlin College LGBT Community History Project is an interactive archive created to record, preserve, and make available Oberlin College’s LGBT history.

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OLA is directed by a ten-member Steering Committee composed of a diverse group of alumni. The Steering Committee convenes twice a year in Oberlin, usually in September and in midwinter. During these weekend-long sessions, the Committee meets with students, faculty, and staff members of the college and conservatory to discuss and mediate a wide range of LGBT-related concerns and to initiate and plan various projects. The Steering Committee also coordinates alumni activities, including regional events, on-campus reunions, and an annual Commencement reception for alumni and students.

Between meetings, Steering Committee members accomplish a variety of tasks related to OLA issues and projects. A number of Advisory Members also assist in the organization’s work.

Steering Committee Members

Cochair: Ryan Brazell ’05 
Cochair: Luigi Lewin ’94 
Secretary: Gareth Fenley ’83 
Treasurer: Herb Zeman ’65 

Roger Goodman ’68  (Founding Member)
Jude-Laure Denis ’88 
Steve McQuillin ’75 


For more information, e-mail Danielle Young , Executive Director of the Oberlin Alumni Association.