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Stay in the know, Obies! Update your contact information today.

Are you a recent grad? Just secured your dream job? Moved into your first home? Got married? Oberlin wants to support and celebrate you during all phases of life...

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If you have not shared an updated email, current address, or other important piece of information when applying for graduation, update below!

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General information such as a name change, new address, or updated email address can be updated below.

Alumni Contact & Personal Information Update Form

My contact information is correct but I want to share a life update!

We'd love to hear from you! We want to share in your celebration with our fellow Obies by including your achievement as a class note in our alumni magazine.

Things higlighted in class notes include:

Please read the submission guidelines and then share these updates with our Alumni Magazine editor by submitting your note.

Why is it important for me to update my information with the College?

Having up to date information on file helps us reach you when it's important.

Our office frequently sends communications to alumni sharing professional development opportunities, means for connection with other alumni, volunteer opportunities, invitations to your reunion, opportunities to support students through giving, events you may be interested in, ways to share your expertise with current students, and much, much more. Knowing a little bit about you helps us best curate these communications to your priorities and interests.

We also love to celebrate your successes, but we can't do that without your help. Use the resources above to submit your updates today!