Celebrate your Oberlin connections and the warmth and diversity of the Oberlin experience through a weeklong series of innovative programs May 17-23, 2021, culminating in Virtual Reunion Weekend (VRW). The majority of the week’s programming is open to all Oberlin alumni, with special celebratory and participatory events for this year’s reunioning classes and clusters on May 21-22.

Learn more about VRW with our FAQs section below.

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We are building a special VRW Campus Tour guided by alumni suggestions. Share an Oberlin space that you would like to see featured in our virtual tour. We'll plan our route and stops based on alumni submissions, visiting popular and unique destinations around Oberlin. From Finney Chapel to the Knowlton Athletics Complex to Afrikan Heritage House and Tappan Square, we look forward to bringing you back to campus!

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Programs will take place May 21-23, with a weeklong celebration of Oberlin connection opportunities delivered via email beginning May 17. VRW 2021 will include innovative, virtual reunion activities for all alumni, as well as focused events for those clusters and classes scheduled for reunion in May 2021.

Signature reunion elements are part of our plans, as well as academic enrichment (lifelong learning) opportunities. Additionally, there will be time for fun, music, and a celebration of many sights, sounds, and experiences from Oberlin – including potential virtual Nights at the ’Sco and Illumination.

We carefully reviewed the idea of compounding reunions next year to celebrate those slated for 2020 and 2021; however, nearly 40% of our reunion classes and clusters were affected by the pandemic between last year and this year. It is not feasible to plan and execute their 39 reunions by doubling- and tripling-up class and cluster celebrations as we move forward.

Looking to the future, we intend to return to in-person reunions as soon as we are able, and will maintain our 5-year class and cluster cycle for reunions, celebrating them as scheduled.

Alumni volunteers, staff, and campus partners are developing plans for virtual gatherings that honor the warmth and diversity of the Oberlin experience. We are determined to create meaningful virtual reunion activities that will present opportunities for alumni to connect with one another and with Obies from around the globe, as well as activities that class and cluster volunteers are planning for their classmates.

In April, we will release the detailed schedule for all-alumni events, which will be held on Saturday, May 22

Class and cluster reunion schedules for Friday’s and Saturday’s events (May 21 and 22) will be released as class and cluster volunteers finalize programming for their respective groups.

This year’s designated classes and clusters include:
15th Cluster: Classes of 2005, 2006, 2007
25th Reunion: Class of 1996
35th Cluster: Classes of 1985, 1986, 1987
50th Joint Reunion: Classes of 1970 & 1971
65th Cluster: Classes of 1955, 1956, 1957

The Class Pages will be updated to reflect important information for each respective reunioning class and cluster.

Yes, VRW is for everyone! All Obies are invited to join the dedicated all-alumni programming on Saturday, May 22. Beginning May 17, all Oberlin alumni will receive daily emails celebrating the Oberlin experience, culminating in a variety of all-alumni events on Saturday. 

Reunioning classes and clusters will host virtual events dedicated for those alumni and their families on Friday and Saturday.

Registration will open in April as the detailed schedule of events is released.

IT’S FREE! Unlike in years past, the VRW 2021 all-alumni programs on Saturday, May 22 are completely free of charge!

NOTE: Certain events for reunioning classes and clusters may have a nominal fee, depending upon activities planned by the alumni volunteers. 

No, but Commencement exercises will be modified to address health and safety protocols.

Commencement activities for the students in the Class of 2021 have been disrupted by COVID-19, and we are working to determine the best way to safely celebrate their graduation and welcome them into our alumni community. While their student experiences have been atypical, we remain committed to honoring and staying connected with classes who have so dramatically felt the pandemic’s impact.

We intend to return to in-person reunions as soon as we are able. Looking to the future, we will maintain our 5-year class and cluster cycle for reunions, celebrating them as scheduled.

Reunion giving will continue to provide a vital source of support for Oberlin students. As your reunion approaches, we hope you will consider how a new or increased gift to Oberlin can honor your past while supporting the college’s future.

Oberlin alumni have a long history of securing their legacy through collective philanthropy. Over and above continuing support of the Annual Fund, each class establishes a legacy in championing the next generation of Obies! Your reunion gift is a powerful way for you to be involved in the life of the college and conservatory, and helping guarantee that future students will be able to enjoy the transformational experiences that Oberlin provided in your life.

Gifts of every size make a difference, and all donations of any designation made prior to Reunion will automatically be credited toward your class or cluster gift. Support Oberlin by:

  • Making a gift when you register for reunion weekend
  • Visiting to give securely online
  • Calling (800) 693-3167 to make your gift via phone
  • Emailing for questions regarding planned giving, gifts by stock, and employee matching gifts
  • Sending a check made payable to:

Oberlin College
PO Box 72110
Cleveland, OH 44192-0002

Oberlin’s response to COVID-19 has required an immeasurable amount of personal and community sacrifice. The combined efforts of students, faculty and staff, and other members of the college and city community have been remarkable, yielding a .05% positivity rate -- a point of pride for us all.

For more information visit the ObieSafe website, which gathers the planning, guidance, and support those on campus need to make good choices.