Alumni Association

Guiding Principles


Provide a venue in which gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, intersexed, queer and questioning (Lambda) alumni feel their particular needs are of primary focus; foster the relationship among Lambda alumni and between alumni and the college; and increase the visibility of Lambda concerns in the life of the college.

Key Goals

Broad Goals by Theme of the Alumni Association Strategic Plan.

  1. OLA is a partner in setting Oberlin College policy
    • Meet annually with the college president and other administrative and staff members as well as with current students
    • Consult with college policy makers about academic, social and service-related needs particular to the Lambda community
  2. OLA facilitates alumni involvement in college activities
    • Serve as a resource and support for current Lambda students
    • Organize a Commencement reception for returning Lambda alumni
    • Work with the various student groups to bring alumni back to campus for informal discussions over the academic year
    • Develop winter-term projects and housing for Lambda students
  3. OLA encourages its members to provide financial support to the college
    • Establish grants and funds that appeal to OLA alumni
    • Provide an opportunity to contribute to the college through our communications network
    • Encourage increased support through unique incentives
  4. OLA provides lifelong support to alumni
    • Host regional activities that appeal to different interests
    • Provide access to an “out” list to promote communication and community support, to encourage mentoring opportunities, and to facilitate contacts for various personal and professional benefits
  5. OLA continually communicates with alumni to inform them of activities and services and to assess changing needs of the alumni community
    • Maintain a website that highlights the groups accomplishments and provides a venue for communicating with the Steering Committee
    • Host a listserv community for ongoing group dialogue
    • Create and distribute a regular newsletter describing our activities and soliciting feedback