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Oberlin College Alumni Bowlers Association

The Oberlin College Alumni Bowlers Association (OCABA) was approved by the Executive Board in fall 1991 as the Alumni Association’s second self-defined group.

It is composed of alumni who bowled in Wilder or Hales while at Oberlin, and serves to encourage and support promotion of bowling on campus and with alumni. The bowlers coordinate an alumni bowling “Fun-Raiser” event during Commencement/Reunion Weekend and send an annual newsletter to alumni.

Oberlin College Alumni Bowlers Association (OCABA) Charter

Founding Committee:
Allan Brown ’87, Cochair
Philip Tear ’43, Cochair

This self-defined alumni group shall be known as the Oberlin College Alumni Bowlers Association.

The OCABA was organized to keep alumni bowlers informed of current happenings and “in-touch” with other bowlers. As our bowling “family” continues to grow (approximately five percent of the student body will bowl in a league during the 1991-1992 academic year), we feel that it would be beneficial to become affiliated with the Alumni Association.

This group is initially formed with two co-chairs as officers. These co-chairs shall have the power to appoint other officers as needed. The initial term of office for all officers is two years from the date of this charter. Before this term expires, the co-chairs will have in place a means for selecting future officers.

Membership in the Oberlin College Alumni Bowlers Association is open to all Oberlin College Alumni (graduates and non-graduates) who support our stated purpose.

This Charter shall not be amended except by majority vote of the officers.


  1. The Alumni Bowling News, a semi-annual newsletter, is our primary means of communication. We would continue its publication and hope to increase its circulation.
  2. Commencement weekend will mark the Third Annual Alumni Bowling “Fun-Raiser.” Students and alumni gather at the lanes for a morning of friendly competition. A picnic follows at the home of a local bowler.
  3. By becoming an affiliated group, we hope to strengthen both our credibility and visibility. Oberlin College should also benefit, as we increase our ability to maintain contact with former students.


Approved 11/8/91
Executive Board


Comments or questions can be directed to Jessica Bradish ’05 .