Jason Stalnaker Receives Grant

June 22, 2017

Jason Stalnaker, associate professor of physics, has received a grant from the National Science Foundation to look for dark matter.  The grant is a collaboration with Derek Jackson Kimball at California State University, East Bay. The funds will be used to establish a precision optical magnetometer at Oberlin College that will be a part of a global network of optical magnetometers looking for anomalous spin couplings due to dark matter.

Danielle Terrazas Williams Appointed

June 7, 2017

Assistant Professor of History Danielle Terrazas Williams was recently nominated and appointed to the President’s Council of Cornell Women.

Crystal Biruk Publishes

June 7, 2017
Assistant Professor of Anthropology Cal Biruk published Proudly Malawian: Life Stories from Lesbians and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals, which was co-edited with Makhosazana Xaba and published by Ma'Thoko's Books. Biruk also authored "Ethical gifts?": An analysis of soap-for-data transactions in Malawian research worlds" in Medical Anthropology Quarterly and co-authored with Gift Trapence "'Gay for Pay' in an Economy of Harms: Reflections from an LGBTI Rights NGO in Malawi" in Anthropology News.

Elizabeth Hamilton Publishes Translation

June 6, 2017

Elizabeth Hamilton, associate professor of German, translated with her student, Leo R. Kalkbrenner, ""Diagnoses That Matter: My Great-Grandmother's Murder as One Deemed 'Unworthy of Living' and Its Impact on Our Family," by Andreas Hechler. The translation was published in Disability Studies Quarterly.

Isabella Moreno to Serve on Board of Directors

June 6, 2017
Isabella Moreno, associate director and interim director of the Office of Disability Services, has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the Ohio chapter of the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD). AHEAD is the only national organization that addresses disability and higher education. Moreno's two year term will begin July 1, 2017.

Charles McGuire Launches Online Tool

June 2, 2017

Charles McGuire, professor of musicology, has launched the Musical Festivals Database (MFD), a online tool that allows users explore and research the performance history of British Musical Festivals between 1695-1940. The programming and implementation of the database musicalfestivals.org is a collaboration between the Oberlin College Library, Oberlin College and Conservatory, the Five Colleges of Ohio, the Mellon Foundation, and Duke University’s Digital Scholarship Services. Due to the efforts of Oberlin and Duke student research assistants, one can use the MFD to search more than 500 festivals online, find out when and where a singer, instrumentalist, or conductor worked in Great Britain, and what was performed. The database is part of McGuire’s long-standing project to research musical festivals and the history of performance in order to implement within the Oberlin classroom a broader discussion of what music history was and is.

Jeffrey Witmer Presents Keynote

June 2, 2017

Professor of Mathematics Jeffrey Witmer was the keynote presenter at a statistics workshop held at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse on May 9 and 10, 2017.

Marco Wilkinson Receives Fellowship

June 2, 2017

Marco Wilkinson, managing editor at Oberlin College Press, has been awarded a Hemera Foundation Tending Space Fellowship. The Hemera Foundation provides fellowships to artists and writers to engage contemplative practice as part of their creative practice. This fellowship will allow Wilkinson to attend a workshop at Zen Mountain Monastery conducted by noted translator and writer David Hinton. The workshop will focus on Daoist roots and concepts of wilderness in early Chinese Zen practice.

Richard M. Salter Presents, Collaborates

May 18, 2017

Professor Emeritus of Computer Science Richard M. Salter joined his colleague, Professor of Environmental Science Wayne M. Getz (University of California, Berkeley) to present a week-long workshop at Hong Kong University. The workshop entitled "Population Modeling/Quantitative Ecology Workshop using the NOVA Computational Software Platform," presented the mathematical techniques used in population modeling and demography, as well as resource, movement, and disease ecology, and showed how they can be applied to simulations created with Salter's Nova modeling system. Attendees were able to obtain hands-on experience with the new Nova 3 version of the software, which will make its appearance in Oberlin in the fall.

Salter is also continuing his collaboration with Oberlin College Professor of Psychology Nancy Darling. The pair are putting the finishing touches on a chapter that will appear in an upcoming book on collaborative modeling.