Erik Inglis Gives Talk at Rice University

October 31, 2017

Erik Inglis, professor of medieval art history, gave a talk titled "Saints, Founders and Ancestors: The Later Medieval Reception of Earlier Medieval Books," on October 30, 2017 at the Rice University art department.

Kirk Ormand Publishes

October 27, 2017

Kirk Ormand, professor of classics, published an article on the fragmentary 6th-century (BCE) poetry of Stesichorus and Hesiod. “Helen’s Phantom in Fragments” examines the earliest known references to an alternative Greek mythological tradition that suggested that Helen never went to Troy and that the Trojan War was fought over an eidolon, an “image” of Helen, while the real Helen spent the entire war in Egypt. Ormand’s piece was published in Poetry in Fragments: Studies on the Hesiodic Corpus and its Afterlife, ed. Christos Tsangalis (Walter de Gruyter 2017), pp. 115-135.

David Young Publishes Two Books

October 26, 2017

David Young, emeritus Longman professor and editor at Oberlin College Press, has published two books: Moon as Bright as Water: 17 poems by Qin Guan, translated with William McNaughton from Chester River Press, and The King's a Beggar: A Study of Shakespeare's Epilogues, from Archway Publishing.

Jiyul Kim Presents in Lecture Series

October 9, 2017

Jiyul Kim, visiting assistant professor of history, presented the lecture "Conflict in the South China Sea" on October 6 as part of Kendal at Oberlin's Great Decisions lecture series. He also provided an update to his December 2016 talk "The Koreas" through discussion of the current situation in North Korea.

Talise Campbell Dances, Produces, and Choreographs

October 9, 2017

Talise Campbell, visiting assistant professor of Africana studies and dance, produced and choreographed the 8th Annual African Dance and Drum Festival and Juneteenth Concert in Cleveland, Ohio. Campbell also traveled to the village of Hadiyala in Sénégal, West Africa, where she presented her choreography. 

Adrian Bautista Publishes in Journal of African American Studies

October 6, 2017
Adrian Bautista, assistant vice president and lecturer in comparative American studies, was recently published in the Journal of African American Studies: Special Issue on Prince. The special issue places Prince, who passed away in April 2016, at the center of analysis and represents a first effort by an academic journal to explore, examine, and probe Prince in unparalleled fashion. Bautista's article, "A Flâneur in the Erotic City: Prince and the Urban Imaginary," explores key concepts of the flâneur literary figure in relationship to Prince’s artistic production. 


Alysia Ramos Teaches Summer Workshop, Co-creates Production

October 6, 2017

Alysia Ramos, assistant professor of dance, taught a summer workshop at Barnard College in New York.  In August, Ramos and her artistic partner Liz Ivkovich co-created a new immersive dance theater work, Those with Wings inspired by Terry Tempest Williams' memoir When Women Were Birds. The production ran for six sold-out performances and was positively reviewed in the Salt Lake Art Magazine

Ann Cooper Albright Presents, Performs in Germany

October 6, 2017

Ann Cooper Albright, professor of dance, was a visiting fellow at the Interweaving Performance Cultures Research Center in Berlin, Germany where she presented a talk entitled “On Being and Unknowing: Moving with an ‘Other’ in Capoeira, Contact Improvisation, and Queer Tango.”  She also performed with Benoit Lachambre at the Freiburg Contact Festival in August.