Crystal Biruk Presents Paper and Organizes Workshop

August 27, 2014

Crystal Biruk organized and co-led a Mellon/AALAC sponsored workshop on teaching African Studies at small liberal colleges at Swarthmore College in May 2014. In June 2014, she presented a paper titled "The politics of voluntarism in survey research in Malawi" at the Social Science Conference at the University of Malawi.

Robert Bosch Coordinates Film Festival

August 25, 2014

Professor of Mathematics Robert Bosch '85, coordinated the Bridges Short Movie Festival in Seoul, Korea. Bridges is an annual conference that focuses on connections between art and mathematics. Sixteen movies were shown, including a hand- and computer-animated film by Rachael Schwartz '17. Leah Wood '16 was the festival's video editor.

Bosch also presented two papers coauthored by students: "Figurative Mosaics from Flexible Truchet Tiles," with Urchin Colley '13, and "Game-of-Life Mosaics," with Julia Olivieri '16.

Deborah Campana Presents Paper

August 18, 2014

Conservatory Librarian Deborah Campana presented the paper, “From the Virtual to the Sublime: special collections come to the Oberlin Conservatory Library,” at the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres, IAML ANTWERP 2014, held at the Royal Conservatoire, Antwerp, Belgium, deSingel International Arts Campus on July 15.

Catherine Oertel Presents at Conference

August 15, 2014

Catherine Oertel presented a lecture at the Gordon Research Conference on Solid State Chemistry in New London, NH. Entitled "Inspired by Corrosion: Synthesis and Crystal Chemistry of Lead Oxide Carboxylates," it reported on studies of corrosion of lead-based cultural objects such as organ pipes and detailed structural analysis of the corrosion products that form. She conducted this research with undergraduate coworkers including Elaine Liu '14, Izumi Yamakawa '14, Shiva Mandala '15, and Calvin Gang '17.

Visiting Assistant Professor of History Jiyul Kim Publishes

July 31, 2014

Visiting Assistant Professor of History Jiyul Kim published a chapter on "United Nations Command and Korean Augmentation" in the Ashgate Research Companion to the Korean War (James Matray & Donald Boose, eds).

Cynthia Taylor Publishes and Presents

July 16, 2014

Assistant Professor of Cynthia Taylor published a paper entitled "Leveraging Open Source Principles for Flexible Concept Inventory Development" in the Proceedings of the 19th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education. She gave a presentation on the work at the conference.

Jiyul Kim Publishes

July 10, 2014

Visiting Assistant Professor of History Jiyul Kim published an article entitled "Strategic Culture of the Republic of Korea" in the journal Contemporary Security Policy. The article explores the interaction between Korean foreign policy and Korean culture, a subject that he has taught for the last three years at Oberlin.

Christopher Trinacty Publishes, Presents

June 30, 2014

Assistant Professor of Classics Christopher Trinacty recently published his first book, Senecan Tragedy and the Reception of Augustan Poetry, about the relationship between Seneca's dramatic poetry and the poetry of the previous generation with the Oxford University Press.  He also presented a paper entitled "Tragic Translatio and Allusive Aemulatio in Senecan Drama" at the 8th Trends in Classics International Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Rebecca Whelan Coauthors Article

June 5, 2014

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Rebecca Whelan recently coauthored an article titled "MUC16 (CA125): tumor biomarker to cancer therapy, a work in progress." The article appears in the journal Molecular Cancer, and provides an in-depth review of the current understanding of the structure, biochemistry, and physiological function of most widely used biomarker for ovarian cancer. Kevin Hu (OC '11) is a co-author.

Adrian Bautista Presents on Panel

June 3, 2014

Associate Dean of Campus Life Adrian Bautista presented at the 2014 Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture since 1900. Bautista served on a panel entitled “Latinas/os and the Great Outdoors?” and his paper examined the tensions between American agrarianism, the plight of migrant farmworkers, and the Catholic Church’s role in the campaign to organize farm workers in northern Ohio.