New Student and Returning Students who were not on Campus for the Fall 2020 term 

Students who were not on campus for the fall2020 term go directly to the COVID-19 testing site at the the Hales Gym (180 W. Lorain St.) at your assigned time (unless you need to stop by the luggage concierge first). When you have completed your test, please go to the Res Ed check-in location in the Science Center for their OCID (Oberlin College ID Card) and other information. After check-in time, go to your residence hall to move in.

If you have not completed the Community Agreement or the housing and dining contract, you will be asked to do so (both documents are required before move-in). You will receive access to your room and instructions on how to complete your Room Condition Report.

Students new to campus will be issued five (5) reusable masks. The mask must be worn to cover the nose and mouth, with the white lining against your face. Please launder your masks before use and keep them clean and in good repair. Students may also wear an appropriate personal mask so long as they cover your nose and mouth.

AVI Fresh, our dining services vendor, will greet students at the check-in locations. Stop by the dining services table to receive your hospitality bag of snacks and staples for your use during quarantine. You’ll also receive further details about dining during quarantine, including the information about when and where you will go for meal pick-up.

Returning Students

Please go directly to the COVID-19 testing site at the Hales Gym (180 W. Lorain St.) at your assigned arrival time (unless you need to stop by the luggage concierge first). Please do not arrive early or late – you may not access your residence hall until after your assigned testing time. Once you have completed your initial COVID-19 test, please go directly to your residence hall and begin your initial quarantine.

After completing your initial test, you will be able to retrieve any luggage you left with the concierge and go to your room.

You will receive your dining assignment by email in advance of your arrival.

Move-In Schedule

Please follow the move in schedule below as you will move in based on your building/area of campus.

January 25:

  • East
  • Barrows
  • Noah
  • Zechiel
  • Burton

January 26:

  • Bailey
  • Harkness
  • Kahn
  • Langston
  • Quadrangle

January 27:

  • Allencroft
  • Barnard
  • Baldwin
  • Dascomb
  • Harvey
  • Johnson
  • Kade
  • Lord
  • Price
  • Saunders
  • Talcott
  • Old Barrows
  • Tank

January 28

  • All Village housing

January 29:

  • South
  • Off-campus students

After-hours arrival

If your travel is delayed and you arrive after the end of testing and check-in for the day, please go to Campus Safety at 140 West College Street. Campus Safety will assist you in gaining access to your housing and provide a welcome bag of snacks from Campus Dining. You will be notified of the next available testing time and your dining schedule by email. Please quarantine until your assigned testing time, after which you should proceed to the Res Ed check-in location to complete the move-in process. Additional questions may be directed to the Dean of Students office at 440-775-8462.


Family hospitality area: From January 25–29, family members may visit the hospitality area in (location to be announced) while students are testing or at any other point during their time on campus. Light refreshments and restrooms will be available. A staff member will be present to answer questions and to ensure that room capacity and physical distancing are observed. Restrooms and light refreshments are also available at the Res Ed check-in location in the Science Center.

To ensure appropriate physical distancing during testing: We ask that family members not accompany their student to the testing site. The process will take approximately 30 minutes, after which students may meet family members at the Res Ed check-in site in the Science Center.

If family members have come to help you move in, a staff member at the Res Ed check-in will take their temperature and ask COVID-19 symptom screening questions. Family members who are cleared to assist based on this assessment will be provided with a screening bracelet.