Office of Energy and Sustainability

How It Works

Say you have a project -- something needs to be upgraded, replaced, or you have an idea for a wickedly-cool energy efficient project and want to know if there are any available rebates. 

Step 1: Determine the nature of your project. There are two main energy suppliers that Oberlin College can receive rebates from: Columbia Gas (thermal distributor) and EnergySmart (electricity distributor). Is this a heating/gas project or a power/electricity project?

Step 2: Click the tab with the respective program and learn all about the different rebates offered. 

Step 3: Connect with the appropriate administration about the old model you wish to replace. The relevant staff members are posted under the tab ‘Stakeholders’ on the OES webpage. Remember that some rebate programs (i.e., Columbia Gas) are not retroactive, meaning you must apply for the rebate before starting the project.

Step 4: Contact the relevant representative of the company you’re getting the new model from to get details about the project (most importantly, the energy savings of the respective project). Provide this information to the appropriate stakeholder.

Step 5: Submit application for the rebate program.

Step 6: Once you receive the rebate check, submit it to the controller’s office and report the energy savings and rebate amount to OES.