Photo of Professor Solomon and her students
Professor Solomon leads a class of students in Hispanic Studies. Photo credit: Zach Christy

Hispanic Studies

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  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Through courses, events, and study abroad opportunities, Hispanic studies exposes students to all things Spanish, Latin American, and Latinx, including literature, history, film, folklore, language, and culture.


Sebastiaan Faber

Professor of Hispanic Studies
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Blanche Villar

Administrative Assistant 440-775-5256

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See the many ways you can enhance your knowledge of Spanish language, culture, and history through a range of academic and social offerings.

Upcoming Hispanic Studies Events


Martes de Mate

7:00 pm to 12:00 am
Spanish House (La Casa Hispánica; Harvey House)
Vannessa Peláez-Barrios, faculty in residence at La Casa Hispánica, discusses Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a two-day festival that honors the life and memory of loved ones. Photo credit: Jeong Hyun Hwang

La Casa Hispánica

La Casa Hispánica, officially known as Harvey House or Spanish House, is a themed-based residence hall for students interested in learning and speaking Spanish. The Hispanic studies and Latin American studies departments often sponsor functions for students eager to practice and improve their Spanish-speaking skills. Celebrations, guest lecturers, mini concerts, birthday parties, special meals, and more take place here. Most in Spanish.

Sample Courses

  • HISP 101 - Elementary Spanish I 4 credits
  • HISP 304 - Advanced Grammar and Composition 4 credits
  • HISP 306 - Introduction to Literary Analysis 4 credits
  • HISP 401 - Tango: The Politics and Poetics of a National Icon LxC 2 credits

Hispanic Studies Faculty

Our faculty has particular strengths in Spanish Renaissance and baroque literature, specifically golden age drama and Cervantes; colonial literature; 20th-century literature, film, and culture, particularly in Spain, Mexico, and the Southern Cone; Caribbean literature; folklore; queer theory; exile literature; the Spanish Civil War; and language pedagogy. We work closely with faculty who teach or work in the Spanish-speaking world in the Departments of History, Anthropology, Politics, and Comparative American Studies.

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“There’s a wonderful way in which Oberlin students are able to switch courses and integrate material. I think part of that is that they’re very bright, but I think also it’s a certain kind of disposition and openness to the world, openness to learning, and openness to learning in different ways.”

Ana Cara , Professor of Hispanic Studies
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