Office for Disability and Access

Note-Taking Services

Guidelines for Requesting Note-Taking Services

Note-taking services are coordinated through the Office for Disability & Access (ODA) and are available only to students who are registered with our office and have a demonstrated need for such services. If you are a student with a diagnosed disability and feel that note-taking services may be appropriate to your needs, please contact our office as soon as possible in the semester.

The ODA provides note-taking services in the form of peer note-taking as well as note-taking software. Neither service is an excuse to miss class. Note-taking services are meant to supplement a student's notes and students are expected to attend their classes as scheduled.

The ODA utilizes an assistive student notetaking software called Glean to promote independence among our students so they are not limited to rely on their peers. While ODA encourages students to utilize the Glean software to promote self-advocacy, the ODA will review all requests for peer note-taking on a case-by-case basis. 

Watch Glean's promotional video.