Week 9: Student Health and Wellbeing

Ready, Set, Oberlin! A week-by-week guide to prepare for your arrival

Issue #9

Student Health and Wellbeing

Students sitting and having a conversation

Welcome from Andrew Oni, Executive Director of Student Health and Wellbeing

Dr. Andrew Oni

Welcome to Oberlin! I, like you, am new to Oberlin, yet I quickly found myself immersed this warm and supportive community that is eager to welcome you to campus in the fall.

Know that we understand the range of emotions you’re bound to experience as you prepare for and begin your first year of college. Also know that your health and wellbeing are our top priority. Our small, close-knit community offers many resources designed to nurture your physical and mental health, allowing you to succeed and thrive in your academic and personal life. For example, Oberlin uses the Early Alert system to regularly check in with students. Early Alert is a proactive, holistic, text-based wellness tool that can help students stay on track and connect with academic or wellness resources when necessary.

Student Support and Outreach

Student Support and Outreach provides an avenue for faculty, staff, and students to share concerns about students with the goal of linking students with the appropriate support resources. The online Student Support Request form also is available to anyone wishing to refer a student who may be struggling emotionally, needs additional support, or is exhibiting other concerning behavior. Once a support request form is completed, the student needing support will receive outreach to assist all students to be successful at Oberlin.

Student Health Services

Medical professionals in Student Health Services provide treatment for illness and injuries, as well as offer preventative care, diagnostic tests, immunizations, and more. There is no co-pay for an appointment, and all students, regardless of which health insurance they carry, are welcome. Learn more about Student Health Services here.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Oberlin’s Counseling Center provides free psychological support, primarily for assessment and short-term counseling. Psychologists and therapists offer individual and small group sessions, crisis support, medication consultation, referrals, outreach programs, and more. For an in-depth understanding of our Counseling Center and the services it provides, view its website.