Ready, Set, Oberlin!

Ready Set Oberlin (header graphic)

A week-by-week guide to prepare for your arrival

Week 1
Welcome from the Dean of Students

Vice President for Student Affairs, Karen Goff, welcomes new students to Oberlin.

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Week 2
Residence Life and OSCA

Learn more about Residence Life at Oberlin and the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association!

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Week 3
Course Registration

Have questions about your fall schedule? Let's start with some information on course registration!

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Week 4
Center for Intercultural Engagement

The Center for Intercultural Engagement is a collection of great resources for students to find a community at Oberlin. Learn more here!

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Week 5
Advising and Support Network

Oberlin students have a wealth of resources available and assigned to them to best succeed in the college environment. Here about those resources in the below "Ready, Set, Oberlin"!

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Week 6
Office of Student Leadership and Involvement

Oberlin has a wealth of opporutnities for students to get engaged and involved on-campus. Learn more here!

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