A staff member working on their computer in the admissions office.
Photo credit: Jacob Strauss

Technology for Staff

CIT’s goal is to partner and empower our staff with efficient and intuitive technology, allowing them to focus on their essential work without unnecessary technological hurdles by creating an environment where innovation, collaboration, and excellence thrive.

Tools and Resources

Welcome to our collection of digital tools specifically designed to unlock collaboration, productivity, and efficiency. Our carefully curated resources are designed to ensure that your work experience is both seamless and fulfilling. We invite you to take a moment to explore the selection of tools below and leverage the technology at your fingertips to its fullest potential.

Get Help

For IT Support and Services assistance, submit a ticket. Our team will promptly address your concerns and document your requests for the best possible assistance.

Welcome to Oberlin! There are a few steps you’ll need to go through to get access to all things technological on campus, beginning with activating your ObieID.

Oberlin College staff dancing at the annual employee appreciation event.
Photo credit: Mike Crupi

Additional Resources