Center for Information Technology

Computer Security

We are the greatest vulnerability in any organization.

In this era of persistent cyber threats, an organization can be secure only with the active participation of everyone. Unfortunately, people believe that security is only the responsibility of designated security staff that perform specialized security functions.

Effective security must be college-wide, involving everyone in fulfilling security responsibilities. Each member of the group, from the newest employee to the President, holds the power to harm or to help, to weaken or strengthen, Oberlin’s security posture.

Data Security

Many situations have been in the news recently: stolen laptops containing personal information, hacking events at colleges and universities, and vulnerabilities within computer operating systems.

Learn more about how to choose a strong password, keep your operating system up to date, back up your data, and encrypt your device to reduce your risk of data loss.

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Physical Security

Several people at Oberlin College have had their computers and mobile devices stolen: students setting them down briefly in public spaces or leaving them unattended in unlocked residence hall rooms; a faculty member traveling on the road; and staff whose laptops were left unlocked inside their offices.

Learn more about how to protect your device when you leave it unattended and what to do if your device is lost or stolen.

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