Center for Information Technology

System Status

System_AbnormalUsers began having network connection issues around 11:50 AM on Thursday, December 16. As of 12:25 PM, these issues are resolved. If you continue to have connection problems, please open a ticket using the CIT Tech Support Portal.

Current Planned Maintenance and Outages

Want to know if a system you rely on will be down? Visit the CIT Bulletins page for the most recent system outage notifications.

You may also want to check Google’s App Status Dashboard  if you are having trouble with Gmail, Drive, or Calendar.

Box's System Status page if you're having trouble with the Box web app, mobile app, or Box Drive.

Zoom's System Status page if you're having trouble with Zoom.

CIT System Maintenance Schedule

CIT has established scheduling guidelines for performing necessary maintenance on computers, administrative systems, applications, and network systems. During regular semester periods (not including breaks, Winter Term, and summer), CIT will endeavor to keep important production systems available. Whenever possible, necessary maintenance will be performed during "off hours" per the schedule in the Planned Application, System, and Network Maintenance Policy

Campus Notification

For any significant planned maintenance requiring an outage, the campus community will be notified in advance. Notification methods may include: