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Paul Buser ’15

Hi, I'm Paul. I don't think my personal details are very exciting, but for those who are interested: I was born and raised in a medium-sized suburb outside of Boston called Wellesley (it's where Wellesley College is located). There I lived for 18 years of my life until one day, I left home and came to Oberlin, Ohio to start making my way in the world.

I currently live on campus in Harvey, more commonly referred to as "The Spanish House." When I'm not locked in my open double dorm room doing the generous amounts of work my professor and fellow Obie Blogger Steve Volk has assigned me, you can find me playing ultimate on North Fields, biking around campus on my Trek Multitrack 720 (black with red lettering), incurring library fees, and (if I have time) climbing a tree or two. I usually eat three meals a day at my favorite CDS spots: the Dascomb and Stevenson dining halls or, on Sundays, the Lord/Saunders dining hall conveniently located in Afrikan Heritage House.

I've played piano for a significant portion (at least a third) of my life, and on occasion venture out to the Kohl building to find jambuddies or to a practice room to bang out a rendition of some jazz standard that's been stuck in my head. I'm also a member of Oberlin's co-ed a capella group, 'Round Midnight, though I don't think singing comes naturally to me. The previous statement was not intended to be a stab at my own a capella group, but a humorous addendum.

I hope this reading has been a fun and informative experience for you. If you'd like to learn more, please feel free to approach me and just start talking about whatever you think is important. Chances are I'll reciprocate.

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