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hey what's ur winter term

January 17, 2012

Paul Buser ’15

kinda hard to explain via txt - call?

Hey what's up man? Yeah, I got your email. No! It was really funny. Well, I'm - did you say "J Term"? I'm not used to hearing it like that. I usually say "winter term." So, I'm working at this place called POV Documentaries in their "Digital" department. Yeah, they do documentaries for PBS. Yeah, it is pretty cool, I'm managing our facebook page and twitter and all that "social" stuff. We don't actually make the documentaries ourselves. No, that's done by third party documentary makers. It said in the application "We are not a production company." We get the films from these documentarians and then we package them so that they can be aired on PBS. We either pick them up at festivals or through an industry connection - yeah, we've got industry connections, we're that cool, ha - hold, on, I can't hear you, the train's going - shit... Hello? Sorry, the train went by and I thought I lost signal. Yeah, I'm in Brooklyn. Um, I'm living with one of my fellow Obies and she lives 20 minutes from where I work; I got really lucky. The neighborhood's called DUMBO - Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. I keep seeing all these signs about how it's the newest center of New York's creative capital and then I think of Marx. I know, I go to Oberlin. Also, apparently New Yorkers are fierce proponents of their neighborhoods, and - guess what I just heard? Guy walking past me was like, "and the whole place was full of drooling Boston Red Sox fans," and all his friends were like, "oh, no, the hooligans," or some shit. No, I'm not gonna fight him. What? Yeah, I'm working a real nine to five. Ten to six actually, but I still get to wear a collared shirt. I wore a tie on the first day. What do they have me doing... funny story, I'm a blogger here too. Yep, like my other job. I'll send you the link when I get home. You can see some of the stuff with my name on it. No, don't worry, the lunch break is pretty loose, I can talk some more. About an hour. Yeah, there's a place where you can get soup, and a cafe, and... it's not really important, I'm in New York! It doesn't matter where I eat lunch - I'm still gonna go broke. I'm gonna start packing myself a pee bee and jay. High school all over again. I gotta go, I'm sitting in on a meeting with the director of one of our movies in like fifteen minutes. I probably won't end up saying anything, but I get to see how we interact with "the talent." OK, talk to you later. Bye.

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