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My Introduction to Pyle

October 1, 2021

Ish Houle ’23

I have joined a co-op for the first time! I was a first-year in 2019, so I have only experienced half a year and some change of full fledged co-ops (with Covid restrictions co-ops didn’t run for the 2020-2021 school year), and my first year I opted for campus dining rather than co-ops. Now, as a third-year, and with co-ops back, I am so excited for my time in Pyle! Nestled in the Quadrangle, Pyle is a warm space with fish stuffed animals and decorations older than any student on campus. On OSCA's (Oberlin Student Cooperative Association) website, Pyle is described as "Maintaining accountability and intimacy, Pyle offers a great place to eat, cook (or even learn how to), compost, and most importantly, meet new people."

I am a student-athlete, which means that even though our 2021-2022 school year starts in October, I have been on campus for all of September. This past week, the week before classes start, has been my introduction to co-ops with interim meals! As soon as a few co-opers got onto campus, they launched into making sure co-op meals were happening. Making sure everyone got their food! My first co-op meal was absolutely scrumptious: fried rice with veggies, eggs, tofu, roasted broccoli, and spicy pickled onions! So much flavor, so delicious, so affirming of my choice to join a co-op. This is a meal made by twenty-year-olds! Absolutely mind-blowing. One of my friends, iDLEC Caris Gross, took a photo of one of our meals, so I attached it to this blog post! iDLECs are "Interim Dining Loose Ends Coordinators" and my friend Caris is killing it! So proud :)

And we all ate it outside (though eating outside is technically due to covid restrictions, I’m nonetheless glad we got to sit in the grass, watching the sunset, meeting new people, and dining well. I've attached a photo of the courtyard of the Quadrangle where we ate one of our meals!). Since then, I’ve had other delicious concoctions – the best coffee crumble cake of my life, a lentil and tomato sauce over pasta, two nights of brussel sprouts (maybe my favorite of the roasted vegetables, and they don’t deserve any of the hate they get), and tonight is the famous, world-renowned pizza night!!! I can’t wait. 

It’s Friday and classes start on Monday – and most returning students are coming back in the next two days. So Pyle, and all the other co-ops, will be full and happy with all their members so soon! I’m excited for a full campus, and adjusting to my co-op and gaining so many new experiences!

A typical Pyle meal!

The Asia House (Quadrangle) courtyard


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