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Megan Emberton ’12

I am Megan from Michigan. I'm a third-year in the conservatory who might also want to complete the double degree program or the MMT (Masters of Music Teaching). Who knows... in a perfect world, I would double major in piano & culinary performance, with an emphasis on ragtime and cake. Even though this is Oberlin, I'm not sure that's feasible. I am looking into it.

I'm a big fan of co-ops, the crazy amount of concerts that go on at Oberlin, all the school libraries, the Oberlin Public Library, the beautiful location of this college, living in Johnson House right next to the arb, the wardrobe choices of Oberlin students, burritos at Agave, the smallness, the space, and the large number of gingko trees on campus.

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September 26, 2010

As an upperclassman, I seem to be endowed with magical powers and abilities.


Back to school

September 5, 2010

In the admissions office, we particularly enjoy seeing all the new students arrive on campus because we have played such an important role in selecting the incoming class.



April 23, 2009

Yesterday, I would have laughed heartily and bitterly at the suggestion of updating my poor, neglected blog.


Chop chop

March 2, 2009

I knew that college was supposed to be full of life-changing realizations, but I'm not sure I could have prepared myself for this.


Simplify, simplify.

November 6, 2008

I know that my many years of avoiding garden work at home would suggest otherwise, but I love biking out to the George Jones Farm to work on OSCA's small plot of land.