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Spring things

March 12, 2010

Megan Emberton ’12

Here are twenty extremely compelling reasons why I'm pretty sure springtime is really almost here & the thaw and sunshine and blue skies are not just a cruel hoax.

  1. The creek running by J-House is high and running fast. I can hear it from my room.

  2. The snow is almost all gone.

  3. There is mud.

  4. There are puddles.

  5. There's that smell in the air. You know. That one. Earthy and delicious.

  6. I see so many people. Outside. Everywhere.

  7. I hear so much music. Outside. Everywhere.

  8. No one was wearing a coat today.

  9. Most people weren't even wearing sweaters today.

  10. I saw lots of dresses today.

  11. No more socks. Socks are such a cruel, winter staple.

  12. Today Old B had lunch outside on the front steps.

  13. And there were croissants at lunch.

  14. Everyone's biking again.

  15. It's raining, not snowing.

  16. It's still light outside by dinnertime.

  17. I wake up to the birds cawing and calling every morning.

  18. My roommate and I vacuumed our room.

  19. Now that it's no longer forty degrees in our room, our radiators appear to have started working.

  20. I feel inspired to do things other than eating soup and wearing my slippers.

Springtime in Oberlin is magical. Everyone comes outside, and everyone is so happy. It is the most wonderful thing. It's like the whole of campus comes out of hibernation. We all come alive again. I love it. So, please. Ohio weather, snow gods, whatever... Let this be it?

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