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A lot on my plate

November 8, 2009

Megan Emberton ’12

Sunday is not my favorite day. Tomorrow's Monday, you know? The weekend is a precious and ephemeral thing. Here today (or you know, Friday) and gone tomorrow. By the time Sunday night rolls around, I realize that I have STUFF TO DO. What? Cruelly jolted from my waffly and aimless Saturday reveries, the to-do list I shoved to the back of my head on Friday afternoon looms large in my mind's eye. Analysis for music theory, preparing materials for my Aural Skills exam, practicing for my Tuesday lesson, maybe I should consider reading the prompt for that music history paper, cover letters and resumes for Winter Term internships, write lesson plans for teaching this week, read for Anthropology, brush my teeth before bed, etc., etc.

LUCKILY, as in all of my blog entries, my co-op comes to the rescue - this time with a delicious Sunday dinner (SUPER Old Barrows, what a hero!). Sunday dinner is a leftovers meal and often it's the least well-attended meal. I like leftovers, though, especially when the cooks have taken them and done something new with them. And it's always nice to recognize bits of your favorite meals throughout the week, all thrown together in one tasty jumble. It's like reuniting with old friends. It's a gustatory closure to the last seven days. Reassuring. Satisfying. Tonight it was a happy, leisurely, and unbelievably tasty meal - just what I needed before I dug into my homework (or... updating my blog, or.... going to the art show at the Edmonia Lewis Center before either of those things - which included some great & engaging poetry readings).

A corner of Old B

I'm too full of spaghetti, soup, salad, spinach, incredible cinnamon-chocolate ice cream, poetry and friends to be overwhelmed with it all. A good Sunday dinner puts it all in perspective.

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