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Day in the Life: Winter Term Edition

January 25, 2024

Kate Magnacca ’26

This winter term, I’ve been delving into research on my career field-- which I’ll talk more in depth about in part two. A few of my friends are also doing individual projects, and one of them invited everyone to stay at their family’s lakehouse in New York. Four of us are staying here for the duration of winter term. Here’s a glimpse into our January routine!


An onslaught of very long, very annoying alarms begins. They are all very pointedly ignored and slept through.


I am finally out of bed! I make coffee and promise myself that tomorrow I will finally start getting up earlier (keep dreaming, me). The house is mostly awake by now, and we’re all milling about getting ready for the day. I do some knitting while I mentally wake up.


I migrate to the living room and settle in to get some work done.

Bay of windows overlooking Keuka lake.
The view from my favorite reading spot.

First, I have a meeting with my internship supervisor that lasts about 30 minutes. Then I work on my internship duties-- scheduling social media posts, designing new graphics, catching up on email, etc. My friends work on their own projects: Evelyn does some podcast interviews, Vin plays guitar downstairs, and Ian works on the board game they are creating (which we'll all get to test at the end of the month!)


After lunch, I switch gears and focus on my reading for the day. Currently, I’m on Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher. It’s my second book of hers this month-- I really enjoy her prose.

Photo of my friends walking ahead of me on a hiking trail.
Hiking in Watkins Glen.

Adventure time! My friends and I brave the snow and the cold and go exploring in one of the nearby towns for an hour or two.


“Family dinner”-- Evelyn cooks incredible pesto pasta with broccoli and chicken.

Knitted shawl with lacework.
My most recent winter-term knit.

Board games ensue. I usually craft and spectate.


We watch a movie, usually something very silly.


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