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Jules Greene ’19

Hello! I’m Jules, and I’m a Cinema Studies and English double major, which basically means that I spend 80% of my time arguing with myself about whether or not the movie was better than the book. Aside from that, I’m an officer in Oberlin’s Asian American Alliance, and a DJ on Oberlin’s College and Community radio station, WOBC-FM (my show is called Sounds of the Silver Screen). I also am deeply involved with student theater on campus with the Oberlin Student Theater Association. As an Oberlin College Research Fellow, my work has concentrated on analyzing multiracial Asian and Pacific Islander representation in action movies, with Bruce Lee and Keanu Reeves as two case studies.

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X-Men: The Unexpected Virtue of Influence

January 19, 2016

I've only attempted this daring stunt once before, and that quickly faded into obscurity. Before I started working on this story, the longest piece I had ever written for the screen was a teleplay of 40 pages or so. In comparison, feature-lengths are at least 90 pages, give or take, so I knew this project would keep me busy during my birthday month.