Program Type:
  • Major
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Cinema studies is a diverse and integrated program of study. You learn by making film and you make films to understand the process, techniques, genres, and significance of film in society. You will view and examine a range of film genres—documentaries, animation, musicals, and foreign films, as well as the role of cinema in society, and its relationship to other such art forms as music, painting, literature, and dance.

Program Director

William Patrick Day

Director, Cinema Studies
Department Affiliation

Sarah Pardee

Administrative Assistant 440-775-6601

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Variety of Courses

Sample Courses

  • CINE 211 - What is Media? Recording, Transmission, Spectacle 4 credits
  • AAST 261 - Framing “Blackness”: African Americans and Film In The United States 1915 to the Present 4 credits
  • CINE 290 - Introduction to the Advanced Study of Cinema 4 credits
  • CINE 295 - Cinematic Storytelling Workshop 4 credits

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