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Cinema Studies

Program Type: Major
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Department: Cinema Studies

Cinema studies is a diverse and integrated major. You learn by making film and you make films to understand the process, techniques, genres, and significance of film in society. Cinema studies majors will view and examine a range of film genres—documentaries, animation, musicals, and foreign films, as well as the role of cinema in society, and its relationship to other such art forms as music, painting, literature, and dance.

Why Study Cinema Studies at Oberlin?

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Variety of Courses

Sample Courses

  • CINE 290 - Introduction to the Advanced Study of Cinema 4 credits
  • CINE 295 - Cinematic Storytelling Workshop 4 credits
  • CINE 313 - Animation Workshop : Stop Motion Animation from Analog to Digital 4 credits
  • CINE 375 - Realism, 1800 to the Present: The Mirror Up to Nature 4 credits

Cinema Studies Faculty

Cinema studies faculty teach courses that combines critical studies in cinema history, theory, and criticism with courses in filmmaking. Our faculty provide students with the tools and the opportunities to make films in courses on documentary, fictional narrative, and experimental film.

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“Cinema studies at Oberlin seeks to offer our students a wide perspective and understanding of cinema as a global art form and an important part of culture in the widest sense.”

William Patrick Day ’71, Professor of English and Cinema Studies
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Life After Oberlin

Graduates of the Cinema Studies Program are prepared to pursue further study or careers in documentary and independent filmmaking, broadcasting, screenwriting, film producing, media writing, and academia, among other professions.