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Isabella Houle ’23

Hi there! My name is Isabella (she/her/hers) and I’m a first-year! I hail from the glorious city of Washington, DC, but am ridiculously excited to trade in excessive traffic and political chaos for beautiful cornfields and small-town warmth. Since I’m a first-year I’m currently undeclared, but am looking at double-majoring in Psychology and Creative Writing! I run Cross Country and Track for Oberlin (Go Yeo!) and have a radio show at WOBC on movie and television soundtracking (Mondays at 5am! Tune in!). Here at Oberlin, you can usually find me somewhere in Mudd Library (I adore finding new study spots each week), in Stevie Dining Hall eating lemon poppy loaf to my heart’s content, or in my dorm, Kahn, playing games and listening to music with my friends!

One thing I pride myself on is my plethora of fun facts, and now that I’ll be sharing lots of random ruminations with you all through these Oberlin Blogs I thought I’d share a few so you can get to know me! First, I’ve been attending and working at the same summer camp in New Hampshire for 12 years now, so from that I am a certified belayer and waterfront lifeguard, am proficient in developing for film photography, and am a skilled woodworker! Additionally, I’m an Icelandic citizen, and I harbor an absurd amount of knowledge about the band fun. (as in the "Some Nights," "We Are Young," "Carry On" band). 

I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you all, and I hope you enjoy!

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