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Ilana McNamara ’24

Hello! My name is Ilana and I’m still so excited to be blogging about Oberlin! I’m originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and before you ask, my house was not next to a cornfield (said cornfield was actually down the street). I’m a fifth year double-degree student, studying viola in the incredible Kirsten Docter’s studio (AKA the Docter’s Office!), and math in the college, with minors in both interdisciplinary performance and improvisation. This semester, I’m teaching an ExCo called I Hate MathCo, and I also have an exhibit of Math Art that I helped create on display in the Allen Memorial Art Museum. I’m involved in Jewish life on campus through the Chabad student group and my klezmer band, Shtick&Poke. This Winter Term, I helped bring the Kosher-Halal Co-op, an important interfaith Oberlin institution, back to life on campus. I am a member of Keep Co-op, I perform with various interdisciplinary ensembles on campus, and I am also a facilitator with Barefoot Dialogue. Don’t ask me what I’m doing after I graduate in May because I have no idea either!

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