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Ilana McNamara ’24

Hello! My name is Ilana and I’m so excited to be blogging about Oberlin! I’m originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and before you ask, my house was not next to a cornfield (said cornfield was actually down the street). It’s my third year here at Oberlin, and I’m so grateful to be here amidst all the pandemic craziness. I’m a double-degree student, studying viola in the incredible Kirsten Docter’s studio (AKA the Docter’s Office!), and math in the college. This means I have very little time to do much else, but in true Oberlin fashion I fill that time right up! I’m involved in Jewish life on campus through both Hillel and Chabad student groups, and I am a member of Keep Co-op. Everything is bonkers in the world right now, but if you ever want to share stories, feel free to reach out!

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