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Ilana McNamara ’24

Omaha, Nebraska

old buildings, travel, books, chamber music, art museums, baked goods, thrift shopping, fish tacos, going barefoot

Hello! My name is Ilana (she/her) and I’m so excited to be blogging about Oberlin! I’m originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and before you ask, my house was not next to a cornfield (said cornfield was down the street). It’s my first year at Oberlin, and I’m already super involved in chamber music and Jewish life all around campus. I’m in the Kosher-Halal Co-op, I live in Johnson (Jewish Heritage) House, and I like to spend my Friday nights eating a full Shabbat dinner at two Jewish student groups on campus: Hillel, then Chabad. I play viola, and I’m in the incredible Kirsten Docter’s studio, AKA the Docter’s Office. If I have free time, I like to visit the Allen Memorial Art Museum, try to score free food somewhere, or just take a nap. 

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