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A Day in the Life of an Obie

April 13, 2017

Kira Findling ’19

What's a typical day at Oberlin, you ask? There's no such thing! Every day is different and everyone finds their own things that they love to do on campus. That being said, here's a day in my life - Wednesday, April 12, 2017, to be exact.

8:30am: Wake up in my single in Noah. I spend a few too many minutes playing Candy Crush before getting some homework done.

9:30am: Walk over to the Science Cart to get some yogurt for breakfast.

10:00am: Head to the Counseling Center for the weekly mindfulness group I'm part of. Every session focuses on a different mindfulness technique to practice throughout the week. This week, we do breathing exercises and talk about how to deal with stress as we get closer to finals.

11:00am: Time for class! My Latinx Oral History class meets three times a week in Wilder. For this class, we're visited by Dean Pablo Mitchell, who tells us about his experiences doing historical research in this area of Ohio. Our professor reminds us to bring in the first draft of our oral history transcripts for Friday's class.

11:50am: Meet up with my boyfriend to say good morning. Most days we get lunch together, but today I get to go to a special event!

12:00pm: Eat lunch with four students, two Oberlin professors, and an Anthropology professor from UPenn who has come to Oberlin to give a talk. It's catered by Aladdin's - one of Oberlin's yummiest restaurants, in my opinion. The visiting professor tells us about her work with documentary filmmaking and her experiences in the field. I love getting to interact personally with the many people that visit Oberlin!

1:00pm: Sit in a womb chair in Mudd, determined to finish a big assignment for my Cinema Studies class tomorrow. We have just three weeks to write the script of a feature film, so I try to type out a few pages whenever I can. Though I'm feeling tired, I manage to write some good scenes.

2:15pm: Go to the beautiful Asia House library for the first time ever! My boyfriend and I do crosswords and chat about how the day's been going so far.

4:30pm: Walk over to the AJLC to hear a lecture from the professor from UPenn. Really sleepy at this point, but I appreciate her talk and leave feeling refreshed.

6:00pm: Dinner at Stevie! Tonight, I have pasta with marinara sauce, some cucumbers, and a piece of banana bread. A classic Stevie meal.

7:00pm: Go to the Free Store in Asia House to find some fancy shoes. The Program Board is hosting an "Oberlin prom" in the ballroom of The Hotel at Oberlin this weekend and I'm so excited!!

7:30pm: Attend the free final dress rehearsal of For colored girls... at Hall Auditorium. The ensemble was stunning and I was blown away by the show. Normally, I have class on Wednesday evenings, but it's been canceled this week. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to see this show!

9:30pm: Get back to Noah and Facetime with my family. I talk to them several times a week and always have a good time.

11:00pm: Finish my script draft for class tomorrow (almost). I'll get up early to finish it.

12:30am: Finally, I go to sleep! A successful day!

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