Office of Alumni Engagement

Oberlin Alumni Facebook Group Guidelines

The Oberlin Alumni Facebook Group is a digital community for all college and conservatory alumni to connect, network, learn, and engage, as well as to share information and alumni events.

Guided by Oberlin’s mission and values, this diverse and inclusive community serves to unite alumni around common interests and passions and to encourage the free and respectful exchange of ideas.

This community is endorsed by the Oberlin Alumni Leadership Council and administered by staff in the Office of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving and the Office of Communications. It is moderated by Oberlin alumni volunteers. These volunteers are not official spokespersons of the Oberlin College.

This group is heavily monitored for adherence to a set of community guidelines adopted by the Oberlin Alumni Leadership Council in September 2018:

  1. This group is for Oberlin alumni only and is not open to parents, current Oberlin students, or relatives of Oberlin alumni. Only students who currently serve as official representatives of the Alumni Leadership Council may join the group. Faculty and staff are not permitted to join unless they are also alumni. Exceptions are made for staff and student interns who actively manage the group.
  2. The editorial content posted by Oberlin staff and Oberlin alumni volunteers, such as event notices, college-related articles and announcements, is all publicly available information, posted on the Oberlin College website or other official digital channels, and re-posted on this Facebook platform for audience amplification to the broader Oberlin alumni community.

    Oberlin College is not responsible for the content posted by non-employees or volunteers, nor do editorial comments by Oberlin employees or volunteers in the forum constitute endorsement by Oberlin College.
  3. Posts that do not show a direct relationship with Oberlin College, or that are not focused on alumni-community building, will be deleted.

    Oberlin relevance should be indicated when linking to articles or external sites by including an introductory question or statement that encourages community dialogue and discussion.
  4. Posts that are determined to be antagonistic, racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise insulting will be deleted and the user blocked and banned from the group immediately.
  5. Sales, personal solicitations, political campaigning, petitions and non-college-related fundraising posts are not allowed, and will also be deleted.
  6. Posts or comments that personally attack or demean a member of the community will be deleted without warning.
  7. Posts containing screenshots of private communications or personal Facebook pages without the consent of all involved are prohibited.
  8. Posts or discussions related to active litigation involving Oberlin College are prohibited. 
  9. If your post was deleted/denied or if you think another member was banned, do not discuss in the open forum. Please Private Message the Community Manager and Moderator team instead.
  10. Blocking the Community Manager and or Moderator team will result in removal and/or blocking from the group. This is action is seen as an unwillingness to participate in community and adhere to the guidelines. 

Members whose posts or comments do not comply with these guidelines will be removed and/or blocked from the Group at the admins’/moderators’ discretion. Members who have been removed from the group may request to rejoin the group after 90 days. Those requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to send us an email at .

Be Respectful. Be Inclusive. Build Community.