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Christian Alumni Association

The Oberlin Christian Alumni Association (OCAA) was approved by the Executive Board in spring 1999 as the Alumni Association's eighth self-defined group.

OCAA serves to seek and encourage alumni who identify as Christians to become active and supportive members, to represent Christian concerns in the life of Oberlin College, to be a positive influence for Christ at Oberlin, to be a resource for the college chaplains, and to promote and enjoy the fellowship of its members. A representative serves on the Alumni Council.

The Oberlin Christian Alumni Association (OCAA) Charter

A meeting was held on September 13, 1998 in Oberlin for the purpose of establishing the Oberlin Christian Alumni Association. The founding members decided to seek association with the Oberlin Alumni Association as an affiliate group. As such, the group agrees to adhere to the overall principles and policies of the Alumni Association. As an affiliate group we will agree not to undertake any actions which would jeopardize the tax status of Oberlin College.

Founding members present:
Larry Herndon ’61 of Lagrange, Illinois
John and Donna Bergstrom Kurtz ’58/’59 of Bucyrus, Ohio
Jim Truitt ’47 of Wilmington, Delaware

Also in attendance by invitation:
Fred Lassen, Chaplain of Oberlin College
John Scofield, Professor of Oberlin College

In addition, Carolyn (Kelly) Slingland Truitt ‘46 of Wilmington, Delaware, and Christopher Pinelo ’94 of Wilder, Kentucky were unable to attend the meeting, but indicated their desire to become initial members. Approximately 20-25 other people who were contacted through a limited mailing have indicated an interest in joining.

Initial officers elected for a term of one year:
Larry Herndon, President
Donna Bergstrom Kurtz, Secretary

The following are the initial goals and purpose of the proposed Oberlin Christian Alumni Association:

  • Actively seek and encourage all alumni who call themselves Christians to become active and supportive members
  • Represent Christian conce n the life of Oberlin College
  • Be a positi fluence for Christ at Oberlin
  • Be a rce for the College chaplains
  • To promote and e the fellowship of its members

Some specific activities were discussed:

  • Referral of Christian students to Oberlin
  • Help with job leads or sponsor faith-based winter term projects
  • A possible prayer network between students and alumni
  • Publication of a periodic newsletter

Further decisions on the nature and scope of the many possible activities were deferred until the group is officially recognized by the Alumni Association, and an invitation to any and all alumni is published.

Approved 3/7/99 Executive Board


If you have any questions/comments, please email: Sam Berger ’11  and Steve Yackey ’10 , co-chairs.