Look for your location to see which admissions counselor will be working with you.

Location Counselor Location Counselor
Alabama Brittnei Sherrod ’11 New Jersey Josh Levy ’94
Alaska Tina Kimbrough New Mexico Tom Abeyta
Arizona Tom Abeyta New York (Long Island) Jessica Cummings ’10
Arkansas Tanya Aydelott New York (NYC Boroughs) Leslie Braat
California (northern) Jesse Hernandez New York (Upstate) Tina Kimbrough
California (southern) Rhett Rybarczyk New York (Westchester Country) Leslie Braat
Colorado Kris Surovjak North Carolina Brittnei Sherrod ’11
Connecticut Jessica Cummings ’10 North Dakota Katie Lowe ’15
Delaware Please contact our office. Ohio (Cincinnati/Dayton) Jesse Hernandez
Florida Brittnei Sherrod ’11 Ohio (Cleveland) Josh Levy ’94
Georgia Brittnei Sherrod ’11 Ohio (Columbus/eastern) Katie Lowe ’15
Guam Tina Kimbrough Ohio (Lorain County) Rhett Rybarczyk
Hawaii Tina Kimbrough Ohio (northwestern) Tina Kimbrough
Homeschooled Students Kris Surovjak Ohio (Oberlin High School) Please contact our office.
Isaho Tanya Aydelott Oklahoma Tanya Aydelott
Illinois Tom Abeyta Oregon Kris Surovjak
Indiana Katie Lowe ’15 Pennsylvania (eastern) Josh Levy ’94
International Recruitment Tanya Aydelott Pennsylvania (western) Tina Kimbrough
Iowa Katie Lowe ’15 Puerto Rico Tina Kimbrough
Kansas Katie Lowe ’15 Rhode Island Tina Kimbrough
Kentucky Katie Lowe ’15 South Carolina Brittnei Sherrod ’11
Louisiana Brittnei Sherrod ’11 South Dakota Katie Lowe ’15
Maine Tina Kimbrough Tennessee Brittnei Sherrod ’11
Maryland Please contact our office. Texas Tanya Aydelott
Massachusetts Jessica Cummings ’10 Utah Tanya Aydelott
Michigan Kris Surovjak Vermont Tina Kimbrough
Minnesota Katie Lowe ’15 Virgin Islands Tina Kimbrough
Mississippi Brittnei Sherrod ’11 Virginia Please contact our office.
Missouri Katie Lowe ’15 Washington Kris Surovjak
Montana Tanya Aydelott Washington D.C. Please contact our office.
Nebraska Katie Lowe ’15 West Virginia Brittnei Sherrod ’11
Nevada Jesse Hernandez Wisconsin Katie Lowe ’15
New Hampshire Tina Kimbrough Wyoming Tanya Aydelott