Judd Wexler ’21

  • Assistant Director of Admissions


I learned about Oberlin thanks to my college counselor who thought it would be a great fit because of my interests surrounding music, education politics, and overall wanting a college that would allow me to explore multiple academic and career paths. I visited campus in April of my senior year where I got to meet warm, friendly community members and students who helped me wherever I would go, sat in classes whose students were engaged, passionate, and intentional thinkers who argued their points well, and attended a Passover Seder put on by the Oberlin College Hillel that confirmed there was a strong Jewish community here. By the end of my visit, I knew this was the college for me.

After four incredible years, I graduated from Oberlin College as of May 2021 having majored in psychology with a concentration in educational studies. Over my time here, I became involved in so many experiences I never have done before like joining both the college bowling and fencing teams where we regularly traveled throughout the Midwest for tournaments, sang in the Oberlin College Choir with Grammy-winning musical ensemble Roomful of Teeth (check out their music - it’s wild!), cooked meals for hundreds of people weekly in one of the student-run co-ops on campus, and so much more!

I am grateful for my time at Oberlin as a student and am excited to be on the other side of the college process now as an admissions counselor. Can’t wait to meet you in the future and I hope you get the chance to fall in love with this campus and community like I have.


Pennsylvania (Eastern), New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island