Office of Student Leadership and Involvement

General Posting Policy

Advertisements are an important means of communication among the members of the Oberlin College community

Compliance with this Posting Policy will ensure that advertisements are not removed and that individuals and groups take responsibility for their words. This policy applies to Oberlin College community members, whether as individuals or as members of college departments, offices, or organizations. Those not affiliated with Oberlin College do not automatically have the right to use college spaces for the display of posters or flyers. The posting of notices on campus does not necessarily represent endorsement or sponsorship by the college.

Postings in violation of the following regulations will be removed by Campus Safety, by other representatives of the Student Life staff or the Grounds department, or by designated building representatives. Postings on non-dedicated (i.e., non-departmental, non-organizational) bulletin boards that comply with the following regulations must not be removed until a reasonable amount of time has elapsed, nor should they be defaced.

Posting Regulations

Posted materials must be in compliance with the posting regulations of Oberlin College listed below as well as general Oberlin policies. Please remember to be courteous to others’ posting privileges.

  1. Posters that compromise the safety of others (by, for example, obscuring windows and doors) are not permitted.
  2. Posting on emergency phones/equipment, or vehicles in parking lots, is prohibited.
  3. All informational materials intended for public viewing must have the sponsoring department, student organization, college committee, or individual name clearly displayed. This includes: flyers, posters, table tents, etc. In accordance with the Student Bill of Rights, "members of the college are expected to take responsibility for their expressions; anonymous expressions are inimical to the free and open exchange of ideas."
  4. Except for posters/flyers placed on identified departmental, office or organizational bulletin boards, those posters/flyers from entities outside the college must bear the clearly-labeled sponsorship of a college office, department, organization or individual.
  5. Individuals must be aware of the potential consequences—for themselves and for others—of advertising events that violate college policy or State and Local laws. [Examples include the serving of alcohol to minors and cash bars.]
  6. The college's Party Policy places additional restrictions around advertising which mentions the serving of alcoholic beverages. Students must be acquainted with the relevant language in the Student Handbook under the heading "Residence Hall Party Planning."
  7. Some campus buildings (such as Mudd Library and Wilder Hall) have more restrictive regulations on postings. Contact the administrator in charge of each building for specific guidelines.
  8. Bulletin boards dedicated to a specific department or organization may be used only with their permission. Departments and organizations should consider using a stamp or similar device to indicate approval or endorsement of posted material.
  9. Chalking is permitted on concrete outdoor sidewalks only. Chalking is not permitted on any vertical surfaces, buildings, walls, or on any surfaces that are bricked or tiled. Areas of sidewalks that are on a porch or under an overhang should not be used for chalking. Only water-soluble chalk may be used to ensure that removal will be done naturally by weather and wear. Although individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for their statements, chalking need not conform to posting regulation #3 (above).
  10. These policies apply to college property only; students and others are reminded that different policies apply on other Oberlin city property.

All members of the Oberlin College community are urged to abide by the following guidelines in order to ensure that information is most effectively transmitted:

  1. Do not post printed materials advertising events earlier than two weeks prior to the event.
  2. Do not advertise for events until the venue for the event is confirmed.
  3. All sponsors need to be mindful that the college is open to members of the Oberlin town community. Members of the college community should consider the placement and timing of posters and their effect on workplace environments and on town residents (including children) whose values may be different from their own.
  4. Do not attach posters to surfaces (such as painted surfaces, wood, glass) which may be damaged by tape, glue, staples, tacks, etc.
  5. Remove posters when the advertised event is over, or after they have been posted for two weeks.
  6. To help ensure that posters remain in place for two weeks, they should bear the date on which they are first posted.
  7. Members of the college community should be mindful of the fact that taping flyers to sidewalks creates significant additional work for college workers and compromises the environment.

  • Newspaper ads
  • Paint a rock in Tappan Square (etiquette suggests that you don’t paint over an event that has not yet occurred)
  • Radio (WOBC and other local stations)
  • Outside banner on Wilder porch (must be scheduled in the Office of Student Activities)
  • Inside banner (primarily Wilder lobby)
  • Press Releases (campus and off campus publications)
  • Information tables in Wilder Bowl (must be scheduled in the Office of Student Activities)
  • Electronic –events calendar

Individuals are encouraged to use bulletin boards in a responsible manner. Although individuals and organizations are responsible for making their own decisions about the use of posters and flyers, they should consider the following:

  1. The use of designated public bulletin board is strongly encouraged.
  2. Pushpins or staples should be used on bulletin boards. To avoid possible puncture of wheelchair/bicycle tires, please do not use thumbtacks or staple guns. Masking tape and/or sticky-tack putty are preferred types of adhesives. Duct, gaffers, packing, or scotch tape should not be used (it is very difficult to remove and causes damage to surface).
  3. No more than one posting for the same event or issue should be placed on a single bulletin board. Avoid posting on top of other material.