Office of Student Leadership and Involvement

Wilder Main Theater Policy

A mandatory tech meeting with Wilder Main Tech is required before access to the performance space is granted.

Safety Issues

  • Fire capacity of Wilder Main = 150. (This includes cast, crew, and audience)
  • Exit signs must be visible to audience at all times.
  • A 10 x 10 x 10 foot egress area must be left around the exit doors.
  • All exit doors must be accessible and unobstructed from both sides at all times.
  • All fabrics hung in Wilder Main must be fireproof.
  • Risers for audience may be no taller than 24 inches off the floor.
  • Risers must have railings or boards clamped the entire length of them so that chairs cannot fall off the back.
  • The last two chairs on the end of each row must be taped together.
  • ABSOLUTELY no open flame, smoke machines, etc. are permissible in Wilder Main.
  • Anything hanging from above must be safety chained.

  • NO DRAGGING OF ANY EQUIPMENT/PROPS/CHAIRS/PLATFORMS is permitted on the wooden floors!!!
  • Risers are for audience seating ONLY:

4 risers (24"h x 4’w x 8’l)
6 risers (16"h x 4’w x 8’l)
4 risers on wheels (16"h x 6’w x 8’l)
2 risers (16"h x 4’w x 6’l)
4 risers (8"h x 4’w x 6’l)

  • Hales risers (36"high) are not to be used if they are left in Wilder after an event!
  • Flats: There are 6 black flats in Wilder balcony (4 x 10 ft). Cinderblocks to hold them up are in the balcony — 2 small ones per flat.
  • Window blacks are stored in Main Lounge and it is the responsibility of the group to properly install and remove them from the windows. (The top blacks remain in the windows.)
  • It is the responsibility of the group to return all equipment to their proper! storage locations.

  • $50 bulb fee.
  • $50 per night fee for sound system booked through Concert Sound.
  • $40 set-up/strike fee if Wilder Staff is used.
  • Sound fees vary depending upon equipment requested.
  • Fees for damages to Wilder may be assessed if needed.

  • Lighting must be supervised by an experienced designer/electrician.
  • No experience = no lights. Lighting arrangements must be made in advance with Main Lounge Tech.
  • Main Lounge lighting: See inventory upon request.
  • A $50 bulb fee will be assessed to each group using the lighting equipment.
  • Replacement bulbs issued through Main Lounge Tech.
  • All lights must be safety chained to the balcony or boom.
  • Wilder keeps a limited! supply of gels and gel frames. These are checked out through Wilder Main Lounge Tech. Wilder is not responsible for any gels borrowed from other campus departments.
  • Wilder has wrenches that can be checked out through the Wilder Main Tech.

Securing props is entirely the responsibility of the group. Props are to be removed from Main Lounge as soon as the performances are finished. Props left in Wilder (balcony included) after a group's reservation is over (Main = 6 p.m. on Sunday) will be discarded.

  • NO SAWING OR PAINTING of sets is permitted in Wilder. Sets should be constructed elsewhere and only assembled in Wilder. When touch-up painting is necessary, clean-up must be done in a Janitorial "slop sink" and NOT IN ANY WILDER RESTROOM! The student monitor on duty can give access to the janitor sink. Absolutely no nailing or screwing anything into the floor or walls of Wilder Main.
  • USE DROP CLOTHS for all touch-up painting.
  • There are 4 stock platforms (6"h x 4’w x 8’l) in the balcony that may be used for the stage area only. They are to be painted black after use.

Wilder Main Lounge Performances must END NO LATER than 10 p.m. If the performance runs late, bass from the Dionysus below will be heard up.

NO PRODUCTION WILL OCCUR WITHOUT A SIGNED STUDENT UNION CONTRACT. Agreements need to be done 3-4 weeks in advance.

Any further questions should be directed to the Wilder Main Tech in 201.