Patrick O’Connor

  • Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature
  • Chair of Latin American Studies


  • BA, Cornell University, 1980
  • MA, Yale University, 1991
  • PhD, Yale University, 1994


  • Latin American Fiction and the Narratives of the Perverse: Paper Dolls and Spider Women (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004).
  • (co-edited with Dianna Niebylski). Latin American and Latino/a Icons. Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press, 2013.
  • “Riding a Tandem Bicycle: Valeria Luiselli Maps the Sidewalks of Mexico City, pp. 211-231 in Kuecker and Puga, ed., Mapping the Megalopolis: Order and Disorder in Mexico City, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2018.
  • “A Practical Daughter: Cristina Peri Rossi Reads Felisberto Hernández,” Letras femeninas, 41:2 (Summer 2016): 98-114.
  • “The Anxiety of the Avunculate: Lezama Lima Reads Martí and Casal,” Latin American Literary Review 33.66 (2005): 145-174.
  • “César Aira’s Life in Pink: Beyond Gender Games in Cómo me hice monja” Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos, XXV.2 (2001): 259-76.
  • (With Jorge Salessi) “For Carnival, Clinic, and Camera: Fin-de-Siècle Argentine Drag Culture Performs “Woman,” in Diana Taylor and Juan Villegas, ed., Negotiating Performance: Gender, Sexuality and Theatricality in Latin/o America, Duke University Press, 1994, 257-74.

  • Contemporary Southern Cone Literature and Culture
  • Contemporary Mexican Literature and Culture
  • Surrealism and Other Avant-Garde Latin American Prose
  • Spanish and Latin American Cinema
  • Queer and Feminist Writers in Latin America
  • The Novelists of "El Boom" (Cortázar, García Márquez, Donoso, Fuentes)
  • Literature and Politics of Central America

  •   CMPL 200 Introduction to Comparative Literature
  • CMPL/GSFS 208 Queer Beginnings 1990
  • CMPL/GSFS 347 Sophistication: Queer Postwar Paris-New York Connections
  • HISP 202 Intermediate Spanish I
  • HISP 318 Survey of Latin American Literature II
  • HISP 319 Grandes Novelas Chicas: The Latin American Novella
  • HISP 322 Visions of Mexican Women
  • HISP/CMPL 327 Surrealist Narratives from Center to Margins
  • HISP/CMPL 419 Big Old Funny Books: Rabelais, Cervantes, Sterne
  • HISP 422 Literature and Politics of Central America
  • HISP 436 Literatures of the Dirty Wars
  • HISP 458 From Borges to Cortázar: Fantasy and Violence in Argentine Literature, 1930-1955
  • FYSP 150 Questioning Realism: The North and South American Fantastic
  • FYSP 187 Playing at Gods: Myth, Ritual, Theater, Story

Spring 2024

Intermediate Spanish I — HISP 202
Grandes Novelas Chicas: The Latin American Novella — HISP 319
Latin American Studies Capstone — LATS 400
Capstone — HISP 501

Fall 2024

What is Latin America? Issues in Latin American Studies — LATS 100
Introduction to Comparative Literature — CMPL 200
Introduction to Comparative Literature — ENGL 275
Inverted Utopias: The Latin American Avant-Garde — HISP 318
Capstone — HISP 501