Office for Disability and Access

Guidelines for Instructors of Students with Disabilities


  • The Office for Disability & Access (ODA) is responsible for determining which students are eligible for services as students with disabilities.
  • Please refer students who identify themselves as students with disabilities to our office. It is suggested that you include a statement in your syllabus encouraging students with disabilities to register with ODA. Sample statements are included in this section.
  • You may also reach out to staff or initiate a Student Outreach and Support referral if you have particular concerns regarding a student in your course.
  • Appropriate and reasonable accommodations are best determined through an interactive process that most often includes the student with the disability and ODA staff. Faculty or staff members will be asked to join in the discussion as the situation warrants and are encouraged to ask questions or request assistance at any time.
  • Information is sent to faculty only at the request of a student. If a student requires an accommodation in your classroom, the Office for Disability & Access will provide a letter for the student to present to you. That document will detail the accommodations to which the student is entitled. Accommodations should not alter the fundamental nature of the program of study. If you are concerned that an accommodation will fundamentally alter the nature of your course, contact our office.
  • Although accommodations are non-negotiable, details about how the accommodations will be provided are generally arranged between the faculty member and the student. Contact ODA staff if you need assistance arranging appropriate accommodations.
  • Confidentiality: Absolute confidentiality is important. Do not make any reference to a student’s disability in class or in front of other students, faculty, or staff members. The student may choose to tell you about their disability; you are free to ask for details about the ways that the disability impacts class participation, performance and learning once the student has disclosed.