Office of the Dean of Students

Medical Leave Procedures

Oberlin College recognizes you may elect to take time away from Oberlin for medical reasons in order to receive health care.

Follow the steps below to take a medical leave and return to campus.

 If you are considering a medical leave, please email or call 440-775-8889

When do I take medical leave?

Students may apply for leave at any time. An application for a medical leave received after 4:30 p.m. on the last day of classes will be processed for the subsequent semester.

What are the medical leave procedures?

  • Before applying for medical leave, we would like to discuss your options. 
  • If you are on/off campus, email or call 440-775-8889 to discuss available resources, including the medical leave process.

After your discussion, if you believe a medical leave is your best option, follow the steps outlined below.

If you have questions or considering medical leave, send an email to or call 440-775-8889. 

International student, contact International Student and Scholar Services before applying for leave.

  1. Begin medical care.
  2. Your OCMail account will remain active while you are on leave. Check it regularly regarding return procedures and to keep passwords up-to-date.
  3. Contact the medical leave office at or at 440-775-8889 if you have any questions or concerns while you are on leave.


  1. Contact medical leave at or call 440-775-8889
  2. Fill out the Reinstatement Application  for the AARC.
  3. Check OberView to see if you have any holds (library fines, etc.) and clear those up to speed up the process.

Please note: Applications to return are considered on a rolling basis. In order to have a smooth transition back to Oberlin, you are encouraged to plan ahead for the return if your health circumstances allow. This will make registration for classes, housing requests, and arranging local health care more efficient.

With that in mind, applications received after July 1 are typically too late to consider for the fall semester and would be considered for spring. Applications for the spring that have been received after November 1 will generally be too late for approval and will be considered for the following fall.

  1. Fill out appropriate ResLife documents.
  2. Make sure you have all necessary forms submitted to Financial Aid.
  3. Check in with Student Accounts.
  4. Work with the Academic Advising Resource Center to register for classes.

We want your time at Oberlin to be positive and enriching. We have many resources to help you prioritize your health when you return. In addition to a range of support available in the Center for Student Success,  and the AARC students returning from leave have the option to enroll in LEAD 155: Strengthening Connections and Building Community CRN 22451.  This course is designed to help build a sense of community and connect students to campus resources. More information about these optional events will be shared as your return semester approaches.