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ObieCares is designed to provide temporary, short-term financial assistance to currently enrolled, high financial need students who are balancing demanding academic requirements with unanticipated or emergency financial situations. This funding can help with academic (e.g., textbooks) or personal (e.g., medical bill) expenses.

Unlike a loan, students are not expected to repay ObieCares awards. ObieCares is managed by the Dean of Students Office. Please be aware that this fund is limited and not all requests will be met with financial assistance (full or partial). The maximum award is typically $500, but requests greater than $500 will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The Dean of Students Office works to maintain privacy; however, information may be shared internally on a need-to-know basis. 

Possible reasons to apply for ObieCares

  • Assistance with books/supplies for an academic class (please note that books/supplies are an anticipated college cost, but we will consider extenuating situations)
  • Unforeseen or unusually high medical expenses
  • Travel costs associated with a personal or family emergency, crisis, or death

The list above is not exhaustive for all situations for which a student may seek financial assistance. However, the following situations (non-exhaustive list) would not be eligible:

  • Expected tuition and fees and standard living expenses, including summer housing/meal costs
  • Non-essential expenses (e.g., library fines, parking fines)
  • Legal fees

Food and/or Housing Insecurity

Students who feel they may be experiencing food and/or housing insecurity are encouraged to apply to this fund. ObieCares funding does not excuse students from participation in college housing and dining per housing and dining college policies.

Application & Review Process

  • Complete the ObieCares Application Form
  • Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis once the application is complete and financial information is gathered. Typically, applications are reviewed within 48-72 hours of being received.
  • Once the application is reviewed, you will receive notification about whether or not you have been approved for funding. If you have any questions after this, you may contact Anna Brandt (Assistant Dean for Student Success) at
  • If your matter requires urgent attention, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 440-775-8462. If it involves your immediate personal safety/well-being, please contact Campus Safety at 440-775-8444.


The award does not require repayment. However, to replenish the fund and ensure that future students can receive the same benefit, we encourage awardees to donate to the fund when they are able.

ObieCares funding includes:

Class of 2000 and 2001 Emergency Book Fund

Established in 2000, this is an endowed restricted fund established as a gift of the Class of 2000 and Class of 2001 upon their graduation to provide support for academic semester books and supplies when unusual or unforeseen circumstances create a challenge.

John Mercer Langston Black Alumni Emergency Student Fund

This fund provides financial assistance for Oberlin students who are experiencing an unusual and unforeseen financial demand which immediately threatens matriculation and for which there is no other financial source available.

Student Support Initiatives Fund

Developed through the generous support of Clyde McGregor ’74, this fund is intended to strengthen and expand support services for at-risk students who need additional assistance in order to succeed at Oberlin. 


To discuss your situation and eligibility for the fund, contact Anna Brandt (Assistant Dean for Student Success) at