Piano 2023: Procedures

Eligibility and Competition Rules

  1. The competition is open to young pianists ages 13 to 18 as determined by the competitor’s age as of July 30, 2023, and who have not won one of the top three prizes in a previous Cooper competition, and who is not currently enrolled in Oberlin College.

  2. All announced prizes will be awarded.

  3. Contestants must assume financial responsibility for travel to and from Cleveland. Complimentary shuttles between the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and Oberlin are provided. Be sure to check the schedule. Private shuttles are also available at your own expense.

  4. The signing of the acceptance agreement will constitute acceptance by the contestant of all rules and regulations.

  5. Once accepted, the semifinalists’ names will be announced to the public and posted on the Cooper competition website. Listing will include hometown, age, and repertoire.

  6. All decisions of the jury will be final and not subject to questions, revisions, or appeal.

  7. Prizes are subject to U.S. income tax laws. Checks to be mailed after the competition.

  8. All works are to be performed from memory and in their entirety.

  9. Participants are expected to perform the works listed on their application form. This repertoire will appear in the competition's printed program booklet and on the Cooper website. Final repertoire to be performed in the competition is due June 23.

  10. The competition will consist of three separate rounds: Semifinal Round; Concerto Round; Concerto Finals.

  11. Performance order for the competition will be determined by a drawing on Saturday, July 29 at 7 p.m. that must be attended by all candidates.

  12. Jury members will not make contact with contestants, their teachers or their parents while such contestant is continuing to compete.

  13. Any jury member who has taught a contestant regularly within the last three years, or who will teach a contestant in the immediate future, or who has a family relationship with a contestant, must abstain from voting on that contestant. Jury members may also waive their vote for personal or professional reasons. All declarations of abstentions will be made the night before the competition begins and will be maintained throughout the competition.

  14. All judging will be by numerical scoring without discussion and submitted to the jury chair.

  15. If any unexpected situations arise in the execution of these guidelines, the Cooper Competition Director will resolve such situations.