Getting Started

Your journey to find a rehearsal or performance space starts with a browser program known as Virtual EMS. From any on-campus computer– follow the steps outlined in 3 Easy Steps to Virtual EMS . This will allow you to see what is available to reserve.

Classroom spaces must be reserved using Virtual EMS. Stop by our office to set up an account. Concert halls must be reserved by submitting a Rehearsal/Recording Request form to the Concert Production office.

Already familiar with EMS/have an account? Browse for space from any on-campus computer.

Need an account? Stop by Bibbins 125 to fill out an application for EMS account.

You can access Virtual EMS from anywhere. If you are trying to access Virtual EMS from off campus, download the VPN software from CIT first. Once you are connected to VPN, you can access the Virtual EMS site.

Download VPN software

Access for scheduling classrooms via Virtual EMS is granted starting at 9 a.m. each Friday for the following week (Monday to Sunday). Hall requests are accepted in person at Bibbins 125.

Virtual Performance Spaces with ObieVerb

Audio Services and TIMARA have teamed up to create ObieVerb, an app for macOS that simulates the unique acoustic properties of Oberlin’s recital and concert halls.

The scheduling of permanent studio class time is done through the Office of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs in Bibbins 113, in consultation with Concert Production. Once a faculty member has established a studio class time, the class time will carry over each year unless the faculty member requests a change with the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

If an existing studio class needs to be temporarily changed, adjustments can be made through Concert Production.

The organ department is assigned 14 hours of teaching time in Warner Concert Hall each week. In addition, each faculty member in the department is assigned a one-hour weekly studio class time.

In addition to reserving time for recitals and master classes in Kulas and Stull Recital Halls and Warner Concert Hall, students and faculty may reserve time in the halls for rehearsals and recordings through Concert Production using the regular weekly signup protocol:

  • Faculty may request additional hours in the halls each Friday beginning at 9 a.m. for the following week (Monday through Sunday). Faculty may book this time by walk-in, phone, or email.
  • Due to the great demand for hall time, faculty are requested to schedule not more than one hour of hall time per week, in addition to allotted studio and recital/dress rehearsal time.
  • Students may request additional hours in the halls each Friday beginning at 9 a.m. for the following week (Monday through Sunday). Students must submit a Rehearsal/Recording Request Form  to Concert Production in order to schedule additional hall time. We will not accept requests made by email.
  • Once per day, students may book up to one hour of hall time in addition to allotted recital/dress rehearsal time.