Oberlin Conservatory Audio Services Department

The Oberlin Conservatory of Music Audio Services office provides recording services for conservatory events including all student and faculty recitals, guest recitals, and individual recording sessions, as well as sound reinforcement and editing. Please contact Con Audio for all current recording session/live concert fees.
Please Note: The Con Audio department requires that all requests be submitted 2 weeks prior to the concert/recording session date. Requests made after that time cannot be guaranteed.
Junior, Senior, Artist, Performance Diploma, and Master’s Recitals are automatically recorded for a fee of $50.00 unless the performer completes the Service Cancellation Form at least one week prior to his/her recital. It is the performer’s responsibility to see that the Audio Services Department is notified as to any specifics and/or audio needs pertaining to his/her performance. Audio services for recital rehearsals are $35.00/hour.
Please visit Audio Services for more information and forms or contact Anna Schiff:
Central Unit 33