Oberlin Conservatory students pursuing a degree recital must schedule their recital in advance.

Juniors, seniors, performance diploma (PD), artist diploma (AD), and master of music (MM) students, must complete the application for conservatory degree recital form. This form is required in order to request a degree recital. Your applied faculty advisor must sign this form and submit it to concert production for processing.

Information about Recital Programs

Through Concert Production, the conservatory will provide printed programs for degree, faculty, and guest recitals. See the applicable section for any information specific to the requested recital, including the deadline to turn in programs and the maximum recital duration.

To facilitate the process of compiling programs, Concert Production requires students to submit their program in the template provided here. Faculty are encouraged to provide their programs in this template as well. This template may not be used for programs produced outside the purview of Concert Production.

Programs are to be submitted by email as a digital Word file (.doc or .docx) to conpro@oberlin.edu. Handwritten programs will not be accepted. Programs are processed in the order in which they are received.

Students are also required to turn in a paper copy of their degree recital program signed by their applied faculty. This signature indicates that the faculty believes the student is ready to perform, and that they have checked the program for accuracy as well as ensured the program will be the appropriate length. If the faculty makes corrections, the student is required to send an email with an updated program to Concert Production including those changes.

Once a program has been submitted via email (and a paper copy turned in, if applicable), Concert Production will advertise the recital on the Oberlin Online Events Calendar. Although posting the recital online would be the assumption for all degree, faculty, and guest recitals, students and faculty retain the right to opt out of this service.

Although Concert Production does edit programs for accuracy and consistency of formatting, we request students and faculty provide the complete titles of the works to be performed, including any catalog numeration and movements, as well as the full names of any transcribers or arrangers (if applicable).

Per Oberlin College policy, no dedication or personal messages may be printed in the program. (Refer to the Conservatory Faculty Handbook). A performer wishing to make a dedication or other statement may provide a separate program insert to be distributed with the printed programs.