Scheduling Policies

What’s new in ConPro?

For your safety and convenience, Concert Production is now providing office support services remotely/electronically. Please email the office or call 440-775-8610 Monday through Friday between 9am-4pm. If you would like to meet with a staff member, please email or call us so that we can arrange a zoom meeting with you.

Concert Production FAQs

Fall 2020

How do I get a locker?

Please email the Concert Production office with your name, instrument, teacher’s name (Con majors) or large ensemble (A&S majors).

How do I reserve rehearsal time in the classrooms?

Conservatory students may reserve a classroom for chamber music or recording via our Virtual EMS online scheduling website. Classrooms may be reserved each Friday for the following Monday through Sunday. A&S majors may email or call 440-775-8610 to request space—we will reserve a room for you.

How do I set up a Virtual EMS account?

Email to request a Virtual EMS account. Send us your name, phone, instrument, and Oberlin email address.

How do I reserve time in the concert halls for recordings?

Seniors only may reserve recording time in the concert halls via our Virtual EMS online scheduling website (this is a revised procedure due to COVID-19 to accommodate the academic class schedule and hall availability for other required events). Concert halls may be reserved each Friday for the following Monday through Sunday.

How do I schedule my degree recital?

There will be 4 scheduling periods throughout the 2020-21 academic year (please see below). Contact the Concert Production for more specific information on how to apply for a recital.

Applications are now available online at

Scheduling Periods                    Recital Dates

Aug 24-Oct 16, 2020                 Sep-Oct 31, 2020  (All Junior & Senior Recitals)

Sep 8-Nov 11, 2020                   Nov 1-25, 2020  (Senior Recitals Only)

Oct 12-Dec 16, 2020                 Jan 7-Feb 21, 2021  (All Junior & Senior Recitals)

Dec 1, 2020-Mar 25, 2021      Feb 23-Apr 8, 2021  (Senior Recitals Only)


Will programs be printed for my degree recital?

While Concert Production will continue to process programs for degree and faculty recitals, they will not be printed and distributed at the concert venues. Programs will be posted on the Oberlin College Events Calendar for audience members to view along with the live stream link for your performance. For more information on how to prepare your program and to download the program template, go to

Will my degree recital have staff support and will it be recorded/live streamed?

Ushers and stage crew will continue to support Junior and Senior degree recitals in the concert halls. For more information on recital staffing and stage support, please contact

Conservatory Audio Services will record and live stream degree recitals. For more information on recording and live streaming, please contact

How will I find spaces to teach secondary lesson?

Any student wishing to teach private lessons (including college secondary lessons) will need to do so remotely from their assigned practice room or dorm room.